Class JAXBIntrospector

  • public class JAXBIntrospector
    extends JAXBIntrospector

    Purpose:Provide a TopLink implementation of JAXBIntrospector


    • Determine if a an object has an associated Global Element
    • Get an element QName for an object that has an associated global element

    This class is the TopLink implementation of JAXBIntrospector. An Introspector is created by a JAXBContext and allows the user to access certain pieces of meta-data about an instance of a JAXB bound class.

    See Also:
    JAXBIntrospector, JAXBContext
    Oracle TopLink
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      javax.xml.namespace.QName getElementName​(java.lang.Object obj)
      Get xml element qname for jaxbElement.
      boolean isElement​(java.lang.Object obj)
      Return true if object represents a JAXB element.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • JAXBIntrospector

        public JAXBIntrospector​(XMLContext context)
    • Method Detail

      • isElement

        public boolean isElement​(java.lang.Object obj)
        Description copied from class: JAXBIntrospector

        Return true if object represents a JAXB element.

        Parameter object is a JAXB element for following cases:

        1. It is an instance of javax.xml.bind.JAXBElement.
        2. The class of object is annotated with @XmlRootElement.
        Specified by:
        isElement in class JAXBIntrospector
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      • getElementName

        public javax.xml.namespace.QName getElementName​(java.lang.Object obj)
        Description copied from class: JAXBIntrospector

        Get xml element qname for jaxbElement.

        Specified by:
        getElementName in class JAXBIntrospector
        obj - is an object that JAXBIntrospector.isElement(Object) returned true.
        xml element qname associated with jaxbElement; null if jaxbElement is not a JAXB Element.