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Interface MapKeyMapping

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All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDirectMapping, AggregateObjectMapping, DirectToFieldMapping, DirectToXMLTypeMapping, EISDirectMapping, OneToOneMapping, XMLBinaryDataMapping, XMLDirectMapping, XMLFragmentMapping

public interface MapKeyMapping
extends MapComponentMapping

MapKeyMapping is implemented by DatabaseMappings that can be used to map the key in a map that uses a MappedKeyMapContainerPolicy. This interface provides the facilities to retreive data for the key from the database, to get data from the object to put in the database, and to appropriately initialize the mappings.

See Also:
MappedKeyMapContainerPolicy, AbstractDirectMapping, AggregateObjectMapping, OneToOneMapping

EclipseLink 1.1.1_ 1.1.1.v20090430-r4097 API Reference