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Class SDOObjectType

  extended by org.eclipse.persistence.sdo.SDOType
      extended by org.eclipse.persistence.sdo.types.SDOObjectType
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SDOObjectType
extends SDOType
implements commonj.sdo.Type

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.eclipse.persistence.sdo.SDOType
aHelperContext, isDataType, xmlDescriptor
Constructor Summary
SDOObjectType(java.lang.String aUri, java.lang.String aName, SDOTypeHelper sdoTypeHelper)
Method Summary
protected  void addOpenMappings()
 java.lang.Object getPseudoDefault()
          INTERNAL: Return the wrapped initial value for the primitive numeric (when not defined) See p.45 of Java Spec 4th edition.
 boolean isDataType()
 boolean isSequenced()
 void setSequenced(boolean isSequenced)
          INTERNAL: If set as true, this Type specifies Sequenced DataObjects.
Methods inherited from class org.eclipse.persistence.sdo.SDOType
addAliasName, addBaseType, addDeclaredProperty, addDeclaredProperty, addDeclaredProperty, addDeclaredProperty, equals, get, getAliasNames, getAppInfoElements, getAppInfoMap, getBaseTypes, getChangeSummaryProperty, getDeclaredProperties, getDeclaredPropertiesMap, getHelperContext, getImplClass, getImplClassName, getInstanceClass, getInstanceClassName, getInstanceProperties, getName, getNonFinalizedMappingURIs, getNonFinalizedReferencingProps, getProperties, getPropertiesArray, getProperty, getPropertyValues, getQName, getSubTypes, getURI, getXmlDescriptor, getXsdLocalName, getXsdType, initializeNamespaces, isAbstract, isChangeSummaryType, isDataObjectType, isFinalized, isInstance, isOpen, isOpenSequencedType, isTypeType, isXsd, isXsdList, postInitialize, preInitialize, removeDeclaredProperties, setAbstract, setAliasNames, setAppInfoElements, setBaseTypes, setDataType, setFinalized, setImplClassName, setInstanceClass, setInstanceClassName, setInstanceProperty, setNonFinalizedMappingURIs, setNonFinalizedReferencingProps, setOpen, setPropertyValues, setPseudoDefault, setSubTypes, setupInheritance, setXmlDescriptor, setXsd, setXsdList, setXsdLocalName, setXsdType
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clone, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait
Methods inherited from interface commonj.sdo.Type
get, getAliasNames, getBaseTypes, getDeclaredProperties, getInstanceClass, getInstanceProperties, getName, getProperties, getProperty, getURI, isAbstract, isInstance, isOpen

Constructor Detail


public SDOObjectType(java.lang.String aUri,
                     java.lang.String aName,
                     SDOTypeHelper sdoTypeHelper)
Method Detail


public boolean isDataType()
Specified by:
isDataType in interface commonj.sdo.Type
isDataType in class SDOType


public boolean isSequenced()
Specified by:
isSequenced in interface commonj.sdo.Type
isSequenced in class SDOType


public void setSequenced(boolean isSequenced)
Description copied from class: SDOType
INTERNAL: If set as true, this Type specifies Sequenced DataObjects.

setSequenced in class SDOType
isSequenced - boolean value implying if this type is sequenced.


public java.lang.Object getPseudoDefault()
Description copied from class: SDOType
INTERNAL: Return the wrapped initial value for the primitive numeric (when not defined) See p.45 of Java Spec 4th edition. See p.85 Sect 9.3 of the SDO Spec.

getPseudoDefault in class SDOType
aDefault Object (primitive numerics) or null (DataObjects, String, Lists)


protected void addOpenMappings()

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