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2.0 Test Scenarios

Supplementary Test information for 2.0

Test Scenarios

In addition to the automated tests that run on each build, some of the teams have specific test plans and scenarios to help drive testing. This section provides links to the test scenarios and plans the Eclipse Project component teams are using to help drive testing during the 2.0 freeze/test/fix passes. You can use these to follow along, or to help guide your own testing. We'll post more of them as they become available.

NOTE: If you are participating in the test/freeze cycle please subscribe to eclipse-dev - all major build/freeze/test announcements will be made to this list. Please use bugzilla for all bug reports.


Plan Document

Developer Mailing List

Debug Test Plan

platform-debug-dev   archive

Help System Test Scenarios

platform-help-dev   archive

JDT-UI, Editor, Search, Compare Test Plan

jdt-ui-dev   archive

JDT Core / Post Freeze 1 : Testing Plan, Fix Plan

jdt-core-dev   archive

PDE Usage Scenarios

pde-ui-dev   archive

Platform Core Tests

platform-core-dev   archive

SWT Test Plan

platform-swt-dev   archive

Team/CVS Test Plan

platform-vcm-dev   archive

Workbench (org.eclipse.ui) Test Plan for Test Pass 2

platform-ui-dev   archive

Update/Install Test Scenarios

platform-update-dev   archive

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