User Assistance Proposed Features for Eclipse 3.5

By Chris Goldthorpe, IBM


All of the feature requests for Eclipse 3.5 can be found in Bugzilla. Below is a summary of the planned new features together with a link to the corresponding Bugzilla entry which contains more information.

Milestone 2

Bug 241871 – [Help][Index] Help > Index should open keyword index in help system. In Eclipse 3.4 Help/Index and Help/Search both open the help view. A new preference which can also be set as a plugin customization allow these to open in the external help browser.

Bug 144514 – [Help][Context] Add a preference or mechanism to make links from dynamic help open in a separate window. In Eclipse 3.4 a preference allowed links from the help view to open in the help view or in an editor. A third alternative has been added which is to open in the external help browser.

Bug 241869 – [Help] Customizable options for nav tree ordering Adds a customization option to disable alphabetic sorting of books in the table of contents,

Bug 179360 – [Help][Context] add option to collapse dynamic help section The related topics page of the help view will be laid out differently in Eclipse 3.5 so that the links defined in the help context file are displayed prominently and the dynamic help section is hidden by default and replaced by a hyperlink which can initiate a search for related topics.

Milestone 3

Bug 231064 – [Intro] Welcome Page - Accessibility - Problems with fonts. The issue here is that the font sizes in Welcome are fixed and may not be readable by someone with impaired vision. Intro will be updated to support scalable welcome themes, toolbar buttons will be added to increase/decrease the font size if the theme is scalable, and the Circles and PurpleMesh themes will be updated to be scalable.

Milestone 4

Bug 27343 – [Help] TOC tag does not support icon="Myimage.gif" This is a longstanding request to allow topics and books in the Toc to have non standard icons.

Milestone 5

Bug 220992 – [Help] No API to plug-in a non-Jetty web server for Help sub-system.  Currently the Eclipse help system is hard coded to use the Jetty web server. This would allow alternate servers to be used instead.

Bug 204465 – [server] Allow Jetty to start a second web application in the same configured port This is an Equinox bug but may require work in User Assistance.

Milestone 6

Bug 146237 – [Intro] TVT3.2:Welcome page layout problem As of Eclipse 3.4 Intro does not render well in right to left languages. Correcting this requires changes in intro itself to generate different html and to allow easy inclusion of different css if the language is right to left.

Bug 246645 – [Webapp] Smaller/customizable font for displaying infocenter topics Allow the user to increase/decrease the font size in the infocenter and the help browser .