Eclipse 3.2 - Library Example

Library Example

Version 3.2 M5

This document describes the library example that illustrates some the the logical model support that is being added in 3.2.


Here's what you need to do to setup Eclipse to use this example:

  1. Download and install Eclipse Milestone 5 (M5) from
  2. Download and install EMF 2.1 from
  3. Download the library example plugin from here. These plugins are workspace projects so you will need to import them into a workspace to work with them.
  4. The example depends on the org.eclipse.jface.examples.binding.emf plugin which is included in the download but is also available from the repository in the directory.

Performing Team>Updates

Be sure to turn on the Team>CVS>Work In Progress preference for performing client side merges. Once this is one, all updates should result in a dialog that previews any updates by showing the affected model objects.

Libraries, Books and Writers

The model is persisted in several types of files:

The following screen shot shows an example Library.

Here is the containment relationship of these model elements

The model provider and related classes are found in the plugin.

Here are some example steps that illustrate how to create Libraries, Books and Writers.

Part 1: Create a library and share it

Part 2: Create a second library

Part 3: Parallel Developement