Contributing an Eclipse port

Last updated: August 22, 2007

The Eclipse platform team has limited hardware and platform resources to compile and produce builds of Eclipse on a wide variety of platforms. This document describes the mechanism to provide a build for a operating system-windowing system-architecture (os-ws-arch) that is not currently built by the platform team.

In assuming this role, teams or individuals will be expected to perform the following tasks. . 

These conditions must be met before a port will be provided on

The process to include an external build on is as follows:
  1. Open a bug with the Product Platform and Component Releng describing the os-ws-arch platform to be used for the build.  The platform releng team will arrange for PMC approval of support of this new drop. Once approved, a new project may need to be created to provide swt libraries for this platform. You will also need to be approved as a committer by the PMC to have commit rights to new platform-specific libraries required by your contributed build. As part of this progress, you will also agree to the committer due diligence guidelines.
  2. Once approval is granted, use the  Source Build or Source Fetch build scripts to generate a SDK build.  Incorporate platform specific patches in these scripts and test the resultant build.  A bug describing the patches to ensure that the build runs should be opened with Product Platform and Component Releng.  We will incorporate these patches into our build scripts or ensure that they are included in other teams code base as appropriate.
  3. The cvs tag of  the builder projects (org.eclipse.releng, org.eclipse.releng.eclipsebuilder and org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder) that was used to create the build will be listed on the test results page of the build. Refer to the platform releng build schedule if you need additional information about upcoming builds
  4. Run the automated tests for your platform after you have successfully completed the build.
  5. Request a ftp account on from
  6. Copy the build to the staging area for eclipse downloads.
  7. /home/data/httpd/download-staging.priv/eclipse/downloads/<your organization>

  8. Once you have pushed your files to the server, notify the releng team that your file available. They will move it to the appropriate directory so it's available for download from