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Team/CVS plan for the 3.2 Release

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Themes for Team/CVS 3.2

The overall themes for this release are detailed below:

  • Logical Model Integration
    • Bug 37723
    • Requirements identified during 3.1 can be found here.
    • Publish proposed solutions
      • work in progress is found here
    • Logical Model Decoration by Resource based tools (i.e. repositories)
      • full adaptable support in decoration manager
      • sub-file level dirty decoration
      • label updating of model elements without a one-to-one mapping to resources
    • Compare/Merge
      • Logical model integration into the synchronize view
      • Modify CVS synchronize pages to support logical model views
      • Logical model compare editor support
      • Support for head-less model merging
    • CVS Operations
      • modification of CVS operations to use model merging support for head-less and manual compare/merge
      • Support for the display of logical model elements hierarchies in non-synchronization views.
    • Patching
      • Support multi-select in create/apply patch
      • Support resource selection in Create Patch
      • Integrate logical model support into apply patch

3.2 Development Effort - Milestone 1 (Friday August 12, 2005)

  • Logical Model Integration
    • Investigate support for decorators
      • Patch applied to workbench for adaptable decorator support (bug 86159)
    •   Investigate support for team operation participation
      • Prototype developed but not yet available in repository

  • Fostering Community Involvement
    • Several patches applied to CVS. Thanks everyone:

3.2 Development Effort - Milestone 2 (September 23, 2005)

  • Logical Model Integration Proposal
    • Draft proposed solutions document
    • Participate in cross-team items
      • Generic Navigator
      • Problems View
      • User Roles
  • Team Operation Participation
    • Need to identify proper plugin for extension point (bug 108352)
    • Determine relationship between Participants, LTK and Generic Navigator
  • Label Decoration with repository dirty state
    • Need to add API to ResourceMapping to support decoration of sub-file level model elements.
    • Need to add support for label update of model elements (bug 86493)
  • Investigate manual merging of Logical Models
    • Logical models in the synchronize view
    • Logical model elements in Compare editors
  • Improve Patching
    • Support for multi-select
    • Support for resource selection

3.2 Development Effort - Milestone 3 (November 4, 2005)

  • Displaying Logical Models
    • Investigate how to use Common Navigator framework to support the display of team context
  • Headless Merging
    • Define API for headless model merging
    • Modify CVS to perform headless merge operations (e.g. update, replace) using model API.
  • Investigate Remote Discovery
    • Investigate possible ways to allow users to browse logical models in a repository

3.2 Development Effort - Milestone 4 (December 16, 2005)

  • Displaying Logical Models
    • Intergrate team contexts in Common Navigator (gated by Common Navigator)
  • Model Level Merging
    • Use Team contexts and Common Navigator to provide manual merging infrastrucuture (gated by Common Navigator)
    • Do any additional work to ease the implementation of merge support by repository or model providers
  • Remote Discovery
    • Depending on the rsults of the M3 investigation, provide facilites to support remote browsing

3.2 Development Effort - Milestone 5 (February 17, 2006)

See the Team Support for Logical Model Integration document for a description of the state of the Team API as of 3.2. M4.

  • Displaying Logical Models
    • Support display of team-aware models in views, dialogs and editors
    • Support different operation types (i.e. merging, commit, sync)
    • Support model actions in team views
    • Support team-state decoration in model views (i.e. outside the context of a team operation)
  • Model Level Merging
    • Stress-test CVS Update
    • Add support for CVS Merge and Replace with
    • Test rename/move scenarios
    • Support shared refactoring history during merging
    • Support concurrency
  • Remote Discovery
    • Finalize Generic History view
      • support page based view
      • provide default page implementation
      • provide CVS hsitory with no regressions from CVS view
    • Remote Browsing
      • Support remote browsing of models using EFS and IResource
      • Support loading of workspace from remote model view
        • support partial loading of models
  • Operation Validation
    • Provide mechanism for higher level models to validate operations performed by lower level models
    • Convert resource operations in the IDE plugin to use the validation mechanism

3.2 Development Effort - Milestone 6 (March 31, 2006)

See the Repository Roadmap for Logical Model Integration and Model Roadmap for Logical Model Integration document for a description of the logica; model support that was addd in 3.2.

  • Polish up the Team history view and CVS history page.
  • Polish up Model-based synchronization and related CVS Synchronizations.
  • Live annotate.
  • Proxy support for pserver.



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