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Eclipse Team and CVS 3.2 Test Plan

This plan contains a detailed listing of the features available in the Eclipse CVS plug-in. There are some items that don't have many steps but are meant as a reminder that the features exist and should be tested. If you want to help, please feel free to hammer away on some bits of functionality.

For a more verbose explanation of the CVS plug-in please refer to our documentation.

CVS Server Versions

We focus our testing on the latest stable *nix server version. We will however sniff test the latest developer *nix server and the cvsnt server. In addition, we will run our automated tests on all three flavours. The current server lineup is:

Latest Stable: 1.11.21
Latest Development: 1.12.13

Testing Tips


Eclipse Reference Platforms
Operating system Processor architecture Window system Tester
Microsoft Windows XP Intel x86 Win32 Michael Valenta
Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 3 Intel x86 GTK Michael Valenta


Repositories View


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Adding and Discarding Locations

You should be able to create a repository location from the toolbar of the view or via the context menu. Try expanding the location, the HEAD, Versions and Branches categories. Also, try the failures cases from Connections. Things to try:

Repository Location Properties

View a location's properties page and ensure that information is correct and can be changed. Ensure that the sharing information for any projects mapped to the location are also changed.


Working with modules