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Proposed CVS Modules Support for 2.1
Know issues we will be addressing are:
  • Done: Browsing of modules in "Show Modules" mode by version tag doen't work (see bug 22760).
  • Done: It is difficult to work with Java packages that are defined at the root of a repository because Eclispe requires packages to be children of a project. The current workaround is to define modules in the CVSROOT/modules file. We would like to simplify this by supporting the checkout of a folder into an existing project shared with the same repository.
  • Done: By default, the "cvs update" command is always performed with the -d option which discovers new or previously unknown directories and loads their contents. A property could be added to each project which enables/disables the use of the -d option.
  • Will not be done: Eclipse will automatically purge the CVS folders from any folder that is moved. This behavior could be enhanced as follows:
    1. If the folder is moved to a project that is not shared with a repository, the project could be configured such that CVS operations performed on the project would only effect the moved folder.
    2. If the folder is moved to a project shared with the same repository, the folder could be added and the CVS folders maintained.
    3. If the folder is moved to a project that is mapped to another CVS repository or another repository provider, the CVS directories must be purged.
    For case 1 and 2, the user would be prompted to carry out the operation or purge the CVS information.