the foundation of the platform

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The Platform/Core component consists of the following plug-ins: 
  • Priority 1
  • Resolved in the last week
  • Inbox - These are the bug reports which have been entered against the Platform/Core component and are either awaiting more information from originator or have not yet been verified as a bug. The general state of bugs in this query is uncategorized.
  • Open Bugs - These are the bug reports which have either been verified as real bugs or issues which should be investigated. Feature requests are not included in this list.
  • Feature Requests - These are the bug reports which are not bugs but are features that the user wishes to have added to the Core. They have been marked with a severity of enhancement.
  • Prefixes - We will be adding a prefix to the summary line of our bug reports to better categorize them.
    • Platform/Runtime: [doc], [jobs], [prefs], [osgi], [content type], [registry], [other]
    • Platform/Resources: TBD
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