Eclipse Project Oxygen.3a (4.7.3a) - New and Noteworthy

Here are some of the noteworthy things available in the Oxygen.3a update release which is now available for download.

Eclipse support for Java™ 10 The biggest part is the support for (local variable type inference).
Add Java 10 JRE

Basic necessity of recognizing a Java 10 for launching

And the compiler compliance option of 10, of course!

JEP 286 var - compilation

Support for compilation of var as shown below

var - compilation - eg of negative case

Flagging of the compiler errors as expected, shown below

var - completion

Completion at places var allowed

var - no completion - negative case

Completion not offered at places var is not allowed

var - Hover for javadoc display

Hover to reveal the javadoc

var - Quick Assist for converting from var to type

Convert from var to the appropriate type using quick assist

var - Quick Assist for converting from type to var

Convert from type to var using quick assist

The above features are just the ones that are new in the Oxygen.3a update release. See also the News for Eclipse Oxygen 3 (4.7.3).