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Platform and Equinox API

Platform Changes

Path to bundlepool expressed using @launcher.dir When creating a bundlepool installation of eclipse, the location of the bundlepool is expressed using the @launcher.dir varliable. The launcher, typically eclipse.exe, will replace the string "@launcher.dir" with the location where the launcher is located on disk at startup. This delayed resolution of the bundlepool location allows the bundled pool and the eclipse installations to be relocated in the file system as long as the internal relationship stays the same. Previously, the path to the bundlepool (expressed using the "-install" launcher option) was always an absolute path and produced when the installation took place.

SWT Changes

StyledText API to use multiple carets or selection ranges StyledText widget now has a new setSelectionRanges(int[] ranges) API which allows to pass an arbitraty number of selection ranges. When multiple ranges are used, the text widget will display them as distinct carets and selection ranges and will allow simultaneous edits at those locations.
SWT Windows now supports dark-theme tool-tips Table, Tree, CTabFolder, ToolBar and MenuItem widgets now support dark-theme tool-tips. Refer below screen-shots which show combined tool-tips for various widgets.

p2 Changes

Trust signers of PGP-signed artifacts When artifacts to be installed have the pgp.signatures property set, additionally to the integrity check that are responsible of verifying the signatures are valid for the given artifact, the public key of the signers will now be prompted to user in the same Trust dialog as unknown certificates, and user will have to declare the signer key as trusted for installation to complete. All PGP-signed artifacts need to have at least 1 trusted signer for installation to complete; an artifact that has no trusted signer will block the installation.

The behavior is similar to what's already in place for artifacts signed with jarsigner. However, some convenience behavior such as remembering what was already trusted is not implemented yet.

For extenders or users of p2's API, beware that org.eclipse.equinox.p2.core.UIServices now has an extra getTrustInfo(Certificate[][] unTrustedCertificateChains, Collection<PGPPublicKey> untrustedPGPKeys, String[] details) method that should be used and implemented in place of legacy method with same name, but without the PGPPublicKey parameter.

Equinox Changes

Splash screen image format Launcher splash screen image can be in any of the following formats: PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP. Transparency and animation are not supported yet.

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