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Plug-in Development Environment


Include/exclude bundles directly from the target definition view It is now possible to include and exclude a bundle directly from the Target Definition view. You should check the Show location content button, select a bundle and then the Remove button turns into an Exclude action.

Of course, it's possible to include excluded items later.

The changes are now directly reflected in the Content tab as well.

If multiple items are selected and are of different state, the button turns into a Toggle one.

This feature demonstrates the power of the recent API enhancements.

API Tools

Warning for missing bundle in API baseline In Preferences > Plug-in Development > API Baselines, there is a new option to warn about missing bundle from the API baseline.

The default severity for this option is warning. For the plug-ins that are not present in the currently active API baseline, API tools reports the warning as below:

Improved text for exported packages in the editor

The text for Exported Packages was improved and the reference to the strict mode was removed, as Equinox does not support this mode since a while.

API Enhancements

New advanced editing capabilities for custom target platforms

The API for adding custom Target-Platform-Locations was refactored and the existing implementation was cleaned up to support more advanced editing capabilities. This was done by merging the functionality of the previous interfaces ITargetLocationEditor and ITargetLocationUpdater. They have been incorporated into the new interface ITargetLocationHandler, and now you only need to implement this interface and override the default implemented methods as desired.

All methods for editing a target location now use a TreePath, so it's possible to also edit child items. Additionally, the new API offers the following new capabilities:

  • canRemove/remove - Ability to add custom remove operations for sub-items
  • canEnable/canDisable/toggle - Ability to provide an alternative to remove operation where items are only disabled instead of completely removed from the target
  • reload - Ability to get notification about user request to reload the target

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