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Plug-in Development Environment

Dialogs, Wizards and Views

Target Platform in Features view Using the Features view you can now view the structure of features in the target platform in addition to the ones in your workspace projects.

Features from workspace projects are shown first, followed by the ones from the target platform.

Products in Features view You can now view the structure of product configurations using the Features view.

Improved launch configuration persistence The file format of Eclipse Application, JUnit Plug-in Test and OSGi Framework launch configurations was updated to make them more SCM friendly.


Detect bundle's BREE lower than its dependencies A warning will now appear in the Plug-in manifest editor when a bundle's dependency requires a higher execution environment than what is currently set.

The provided quick fix can automatically set the appropriate execution environment.

A new PDE compiler preference Bundle BREE lower than its dependencies has been added to configure the severity of the problem. By default, it is set to warning.

API Tools

Application to generate API descriptor manifest In addition to the legacy Ant tasks, PDE now provides a direct Eclipse application to generate API manifest (typically .api_description files).

The Application id is and it's arguments are the same as for Ant tasks. The application can typically be invoked with command line as shown below: ./eclipse -application -projectName org.eclipse.pde.ui -project /home/git/eclipse.pde.ui/ui/org.eclipse.pde.ui -binary /home/git/eclipse.pde.ui/ui/org.eclipse.pde.ui/target/org.eclipse.pde.ui-3.11.200-SNAPSHOT.jar -target /home/git/eclipse.pde.ui/ui/org.eclipse.pde.ui/target/ .

This application can also be run using the Eclipse launch configuration UI and selecting application as shown below. The required arguments should be specified in the program arguments.

Report unnecessary change in minor and micro version In addition to reporting minor version change without API changes, API tools now also reports the following unnecessary minor and micro version change.
  • Minor version increased when major version was already increased in the release
  • Micro version increased when minor version or major version was already increased in the release.

The preference option Report minor version change without API changes has been renamed to Report unnecessary minor or micro version change.
Expanded or reduced super interface API tool error has details The API tool error Expanded or reduced super interface now mentions which interface was added or removed from the super interfaces hierarchy.

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