Eclipse 3.0

Convenient links to various proposals and working documents addressing items in the Eclipse 3.0 plan, arranged by subproject and by plan item bug report number.

Eclipse Platform

re: 36956 Allow plug-in deactivation

re: 36957 Support concurrent activities

re: 36961 Provide a general purpose navigator

re: 36965 Provide user settings

re: 36967 Enable Eclipse to be used as a rich client platform

re: 36968 Improve action contributions

re: 37678 Simplify update manager UI

re: 37684 Improve update manager search

re: 37687 Support adding and removing plug-ins dynamically

re: 37702 Improve organizational control over product updates

re: 37705 Improve team API

re: 37723 Support logical resources

re: 37933 Improve file encoding support

Java Development Tools (JDT)

re: 37937 Support Java references outside Java code

Plug-in Development Environment (PDE)