Eclipse 3.0 by the numbers

�There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics.�
� Benjamin Disraeli

As the critics circle in to deliver their judgements and the 35 mirrors
are brought to their knees by a deluge of downloads, it is time to sit back and
reflect on the past fifteen months of development. The following statistics are
an attempt to throw a light-hearted spin on the challenges and accomplishments
the Eclipse SDK teams have faced during this longest of all Eclipse release cycles.
All figures are for the Eclipse 3.0 development period only, from March 28, 2003, until
June 28, 2004, and cover only the Eclipse SDK components (Platform, JDT, and PDE).
Figures on the Eclipse source code refer to the deployed SDK code, excluding all test
and example code.

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Plug-ins: 76

New plug-ins in 3.0: 17

Increase in size of the SDK download (from 2.1): 23,881 KB

Size of the smallest plug-in (org.eclipse.core.boot): 3 KB

Size of the largest plug-in (org.eclipse.jdt.ui): 5,750 KB

Days in the Eclipse 3.0 development period: 458

Integration builds: 356

Milestone builds: 9

Donuts consumed (North American committers): 1,120

Cigarettes inhaled (European committers): 14,656

3.0 plan items: 95

3.0 plan items marked fixed: 43

Use the Source, Luke

Java source files: 9,689

Lines of Java source code: 1,903,219

Lines of XML source code: 33,280

GIF files: 1,674

Automated JUnit tests run every build: 21,332

Most tests for a single component (JDT Core): 9,747

Least tests for a single component (PDE Core/UI): 0

Instances of the word "foo" in the source: 224

Instances of the word "todo" in the source: 1,085

Instances of the word "hack" in the source: 43

Most CVS revisions for one file ( 413

Trial and error

Number of different "new looks": 4

Number of different background progress animations: 7

Terms for scalable UI proposals (activity, context, role, scope, capability): 5

API changes after the "official" API freeze (May 7): 49

Deadlock bugs fixed while getting the jobs support working: 129

Number of boolean or numeric preferences: 638

Number of color preferences: 94

Learning to communicate

Number of newsgroup posts: 47,427

Most posts in a single newsgroup thread (M8 Look and feel): 78

Most newsgroup posts by an individual (Steve Northover): 763

Most mailing list posts by an individual (Sonia Dimitrov): 2,617

Lines of poetry sent to the platform.releng mailing list: 45

Just Google it

Google hits for the exact phrase "Eclipse 3.0": 91,900

Google hits for "OSGi" and "Eclipse": 45,500

Google hits for "RCP" and "Eclipse": 26,800

Google hits for the exact phrase "new look" and the word "Eclipse": 16,500

Google hits for the exact phrase "JDK 1.5" and the word "Eclipse": 11,300

Google hits for "Responsiveness" and "Eclipse": 6,720


Bugzilla bug or enhancement reports entered: 26,778

Bugzilla reports resolved (fixed, wontfix, duplicate, etc): 24,365

Bugzilla reports fixed: 11,772

Distinct bug reporters: 4,513

Most bugs entered by an individual (Darin Swanson): 746

Most bugs marked fixed by an individual (Darin Swanson): 680

Most bugs entered by a non-committer (Sebastian Davids): 363

Most bug comments by an individual (Darin Wright): 6,511

Most bugs owned by an individual (Tod Creasey): 943

Most bugs marked invalid, worksforme, or duplicate by an individual (Dani Megert): 786

Most comments on a single bug (bug 37683): 195

Most votes for a single bug (bug 9355): 109

Largest bug CC list (tie between 36938 and 37997): 79

Bugs fixed with more than one vote: 262

Most times a single bug was marked fixed (four way tie, 12966, 16114, 28343, 43197): 5

Bug reports containing the exact phrase "running man": 100

Bug reports on the subject of Haiku (bug 63474): 1

Bug reports containing the word "acquiesced" (bug 46668): 1

Making a commitment

Active committers: 62

New committers: 22

Children born to committers during the 3.0 cycle: 6

Most Halo frags by an individual (Doug, estimated): 9,846

Most files in an individual's local history (Dirk): 30,339

Committers who skipped EclipseCon because of unpaid U.S. parking tickets: 1