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Eclipse Luna Acknowledgements

The entire Eclipse and Equinox team would like to thank the Eclipse Foundation staff for their tireless efforts, including: Matt Ward and Denis Roy for not only keeping all that infrastructure going, but also constantly improving it, Janet Campbell and Sharon Corbett for guiding us through the Eclipse legal process, Wayne Beaton for giving us improved tools to simplify and manage our development process, Ian Skerrett for his help with marketing the Eclipse release including providing the new, fresh logo and set of icons, and Mike Milinkovich for running the whole show. We'd also like to thank the users and adopters who support our efforts, through a range of support including early testing, being a Friend of Eclipse, contracting special work, or outright employment.

The Platform Workspace team would like to thank everyone who has helped by filing bugs, testing and providing patches. Specifically we would like to thank the following people who have helped improve the Workspace components by their code contributions to this release: Piotr Aniola, Krzysztof Daniel, Thanh Ha, Tom Hochstein, Mickael Istria, Markus Keller, Chris McGee, Sergey Prigogin, Paul Webster and David Williams.

The Platform UI team would like to extend special thanks to the following people who have made (and continue to make) significant contributions to Eclipse Platform 4 and the Workbench: Abel Hegedus, Alexander Kurtakov, Alexandros Karypidis, Andrea Guarinoni, Anton Leherbauer, Aurelien Pupier, Ben Cox, Benjamin Koch, Brian Vosburgh, Cezar Lenci, Christian Georgi, Christian Hempe, Christian Pontesegger, Christian Walther, Christine Gerpheide, Christoph Keimel, David Berger, Dirk Fauth, Eladio Caritos, Elena Laskavaia, Erik Chou, Evgeniy Gil, Felix Heppner, Fredrik Attebrant, Georg Breitschopf, Gorkem Ercan, Hendrik Still, Jan Haensli, Jeanderson Candido, Jelle Schuhmacher, Jens übler, Kevin Milburn, Krzysztof Kazmierczyk, Leo Denault, Louis-Michel Mathurin, Marc-Andre Laperle, Markus Alexander Kuppe, Markus Duft, Mat Booth, Matthias Mailänder, Matthieu Wipliez, Maxime PORHEL, Michael de Hoog, Mickael Istria, Moshe WAJNBERG, Oliver Puetter, Pablo Cabrera, Patrik Suzzi, Philippe Marschall, Philip Wenig, Piotr Aniola, René Brandstetter, Robin Stocker, Rolf Theunissen, Ruediger Herrmann, Sebastian Sampaoli, Sergey Prigogin, Simon Scholz, Snjezana Peco, Stefan Winkler, Steven Spungin, Terry Parker, Thorsten Hake, Timo Kinnunen, Tom Hochstein, Tony McCrary, Wilbert Alberts and Yuri Blankenstein.

The Platform Text team would like to thank everyone who filed good bug reports and enhancement requests. Special thanks go to Terry Parker, Thanh Ha, darren ha, Szymon Ptaszkiewicz, and Mickael Istria for patches they submitted. Not to mention our thanks to the whole community of users and adopters who support our work.

The Platform Debug team would like to thank everyone who helped improve the debugger framework by filing bugs, testing and providing patches. Specifically we would like to thank Lars and Tim McCraery for the new icons, Andrea Guarinoni for CSS Dark theme bug fix, Victor Rubezhny, Paul Webster, Sarika Sinha and Andrew Ferrazzutti for bug fixes.

The Platform Ant team would like to thank everyone who helped improve the ant framework by filing bugs, testing and providing patches. Specifically we would like to thank Lars and Tim McCraery for the new icons and Thomas Watson for Removing uses of Equinox PlatformAdmin and Sarika Sinha for testing and working on Apache Ant updates.

The Platform SWT team would like to thank everyone who filed great bug reports and helped to improve the toolkit. Special thanks go to : Alexander Kurtakov, Anatoly Spektor, Marc-Andre Laperle and Snjezana Peco for significant contributions towards improving the stability of the GTK+ 3 port, and Sami Wagiaalla for contributing a preliminary implementation of the Browser's Webkit2 port. Additional thanks to Steve Northover, Steve Foreman, Roland Oldenburg, Timo Kinnunen, Nicholas Rahn, Lars Vogel, Stephan Herrmann, Mickael Istria, Peter Severin, Dani Megert, Markus Keller, Lina Kemmel and David Williams.

The release engineering team would like to thank all the committers on Eclipse and Equinox for their timely responses to releng issues and processes. But, in addtion, thanks to those to those that have helped improve our build, either directly, or by improvements in infrastrucure or tools we use for our builds, such as Thanh Ha, Igor Fedorenko, and Jan Sievers invaluable advice. In addition, we'd like to thank those that provide our "pre-reqs", Scott Lewis and the ECF Team, and Ed Merks, Dennis Huebner, and the EMF team. Their willingness to provide stable builds "early" for what we pre-req, not only helps our project meet our deadlines, but also reduces our stress!

The JDT Core team would like to thank everyone who has helped us maintain high quality by testing and filing good bug reports. We specially would like to thank those who contributed to our Java 8 effort - Stephan Hermann, Jesper Møller and Andrew Clement. We would also like to thank Timo Kinnunen and Steve Northover and others who proactively tested our Java 8 updates and gave us immensely valuable early feedback. We should also thank Terry Parker and his Google team for testing, raising bugs and of course providing good quality patches. A special appreciation goes to Olivier Thomann and Walter Harley for continuing to support the team with consulting and fixes.

The JDT Debug team would like to thank everyone who helped improve the Java debugger by filing bugs, testing and providing patches. Specifically we would like to thank Jesper Møller for Java 8 bug fixes and Sarika Sinha for testing and providing a lot of bug fixes.

JDT UI sends thanks to code contributors Nikolay Metchev, Samrat Dhillon, Lukas Hanke, Mickael Istria, Stephan Herrmann, Lars Vogel, Thanh Ha, Xavier Coulon, Andrew Eisenberg, Ievgen Lukash, Marcel Bruch, Matthias Mailänder, Thirumala Reddy Mutchukota, Thomas Schindl, Andreas Schmid.

The Plug-in Development Environment team would like to thank everyone who has helped improve our user experience by providing great bug reports and excellent patches. Special thanks to Susan McCourt for adding new customization options to the product editor, Krzysztof Daniel for improving the feature selection dialog, Brian de Alwis for adding deprecation warning support to the plug-in editor and Vikas Chandra for working on Java 8 support. We thank Daniel Megert for his ongoing commitment to component quality. We appreciate all of the help we received from other Eclipse developers and members of the community including: Ben Cox, Andrea Guarinoni, Mickael Istria, Alexander Kurtakov, Marc-Andre Laperle, Eike Stepper, Anton Tanasenko, Matthias Villiger, Lars Vogel, and Jesse Weinstein.

The Equinox team would like to thank the entire Eclipse team and community for supporting us while we did significant refactoring of the core Equinox OSGi framework implementation. Such a massive change would not have been successful without the necessary support and testing to get the new implementation in milestone 1. A special thanks to David Williams for his countless hours keeping the releng machine moving. This release also included an implementation of the new R6 OSGi Core Framework specification. Thanks to the OSGi Alliance for continued improvements to the OSGi specification and working with us to help identify specification bugs while implementing the framework reference implementation. Finally, thanks to everyone who provided bug reports and contributed fixes.

Active Committers

This Eclipse and Equinox release was brought to you by the following committers. These committers were active at the time of the release (that is, one or more commits since previous release.)

Eclipse Platform

Alexander Kurtakov Arun Thondapu Atsuhiko Yamanaka Bogdan Gheorghe
Brian de Alwis Chris Austin Curtis Windatt Dani Megert
Daniel Rolka David Williams Eric Moffatt Grant Gayed
John Arthorne Lakshmi Priya Shanmugam Lars Vogel Lina Kemmel
Malgorzata Janczarska Markus Keller Michael Rennie Niraj Modi
Paul Elder Paul Webster Silenio Quarti Szymon Brandys
Szymon Ptaszkiewicz Thanh Ha Thomas Schindl Thomas Watson
Wojciech Sudol

Eclipse JDT

Anirban Chakraborty Curtis Windatt Dani Megert Deepak Azad
Jayaprakash Arthanareeswaran Jesper Moller Manju Mathew Manoj Palat
Markus Keller Michael Rennie Noopur Gupta Sarika Sinha
Srikanth Sankaran Stephan Herrmann

Eclipse PDE

Andrew Niefer Curtis Windatt Dani Megert Michael Rennie


Arun Thondapu BJ Hargrave John Arthorne John Ross
Lazar Kirchev Martin Lippert Silenio Quarti Thomas Watson

Equinox - p2

Ian Bull John Arthorne Krzysztof Daniel Pascal Rapicault
Susan McCourt Thomas Watson

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