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static CallSessionState CallSessionState.ACTIVE
          For calls where the call has been successfully answered and the parties are speaking.
static CallSessionState CallSessionState.BUSY
          For calls where the receiver of the call request is busy and not able to answer the call.
static CallSessionState CallSessionState.CANCELLED
          For calls where the initial requester has cancelled the call request.
static CallSessionState CallSessionState.ERROR
          For calls where there has been an error, resulting in loss of connection.
static CallSessionState CallSessionState.FAILED
          For calls where the call has failed, either due to network error, sender and/or receiver going offline, or some other failure to deliver or answer a call request.
static CallSessionState CallSessionState.FINISHED
          To indicate that the call (previously ACTIVE) is now finished.
static CallSessionState CallSessionState.MISSED
          To indicate that a call request has been missed (the receiver did not answer in time).
static CallSessionState CallSessionState.ONHOLD
          For calls that have been put on hold by one of the two parties.
static CallSessionState CallSessionState.PENDING
          For a call where the request has been received, and the receiver has not yet responded to the request.
static CallSessionState CallSessionState.PREPENDING
          To indicate that the call request has not yet been delivered to the receiver (which results in a PENDING state), but has completed routing.
static CallSessionState CallSessionState.REDIRECTED
          For calls that have been redirected to a new target receiver.
static CallSessionState CallSessionState.REFUSED
          To indicate that a call request has been explicitly refused by the receiver.
static CallSessionState CallSessionState.ROUTING
          For calls where the routing is in progress, and the target has not yet received the request.
static CallSessionState CallSessionState.UNKNOWN
          For calls where the state is not known.
static CallSessionState CallSessionState.UNPLACED
          For calls where the request has not yet been sent to the target receiver.

Methods in that return CallSessionState
static CallSessionState CallSessionState.fromString(java.lang.String state)
 CallSessionState CallException.getCallSessionState()
 CallSessionState ICallSession.getState()
          Get call session state

Constructors in with parameters of type CallSessionState
CallException(org.eclipse.core.runtime.IStatus status, CallSessionState state)
CallException(java.lang.String message, CallSessionState state)
CallException(java.lang.String message, java.lang.Throwable cause, CallSessionState state)
CallException(java.lang.Throwable cause, CallSessionState state)

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Methods in that return CallSessionState
 CallSessionState ICallSessionRequestEvent.getCallSessionState()
          Get CallSessionState for this request.