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Methods in that return IIDEntry
 IIDEntry[] IIDEntry.getAssociates(java.lang.String key)
          Get any IIDEntrys that have previously been associated with this IIDEntry via putAssociate(java.lang.String,IIDEntry,boolean).
 IIDEntry[] INamespaceEntry.getIDEntries()
          Get the IIDEntrys for this namespace that are currently stored.
 IIDEntry id)
          Get IIDEntry in this IDStore for a given ID.

Methods in with parameters of type IIDEntry
 void IIDEntry.putAssociate(java.lang.String key, IIDEntry entry, boolean encrypt)
          Associate an IIDEntry instance with a String key in this IIDEntry.
 IContainerEntry IContainerStore.retrieve(IIDEntry idEntry)
          Retrieve an IContainerEntry for a given IIDEntry.