Interface Summary
ICriteria Criteria helps for retrieving results from the provider search by composing Criterion objects.
ICriterion A representation of a query criterion for a restriction in a Criteria.
IRestriction Instances implementing this interface provide methods to compose the corrects operations for each provide
IResult Each result returned for the search will be reach through this interface.
IResultList This interface provides methods to handle the result list that match the search.
ISearch Provide access for the list of matched query results.
IUserSearchCompleteEvent This event indicate that a user search was completed
IUserSearchEvent An event received by a user search.
IUserSearchListener This Interface allows for implementing classes to execute the search for users in a non block way.
IUserSearchManager Get a search mechanism for an account.

Class Summary
AbstractUserSearchManager Abstract implementation of IUserSearchManager.
LogicalCriterion Base class implementation of ICriterion for logical criterion.
Restriction This Class implements IRestriction.
ResultList This Class implements IResultList.
SimpleCriterion Base class implementation of ICriterion for simple comparisons.

Exception Summary