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Packages that use IIMMessageEvent

Uses of IIMMessageEvent in org.eclipse.ecf.presence

Methods in org.eclipse.ecf.presence with parameters of type IIMMessageEvent
 void IIMMessageListener.handleMessageEvent(IIMMessageEvent messageEvent)
          Handle message event (reception of chat, typing, or object message).

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Methods in with parameters of type IIMMessageEvent
 void IMBot.handleMessageEvent(IIMMessageEvent event)
 void ChatRoomBot.handleMessageEvent(IIMMessageEvent event)

Uses of IIMMessageEvent in org.eclipse.ecf.presence.chatroom

Subinterfaces of IIMMessageEvent in org.eclipse.ecf.presence.chatroom
 interface IChatRoomMessageEvent
          Chat room message event.

Classes in org.eclipse.ecf.presence.chatroom that implement IIMMessageEvent
 class ChatRoomMessageEvent
          Chat room message event.

Uses of IIMMessageEvent in

Subinterfaces of IIMMessageEvent in
 interface IChatMessageEvent
          Chat message event.
 interface IChatRoomCreationEvent
          Event received via IIMMessageListener when remote chat has been converted into a chat room.
 interface ITypingMessageEvent
          Typing message event.
 interface IXHTMLChatMessageEvent
          Chat message event.

Classes in that implement IIMMessageEvent
 class ChatMessageEvent
          Chat message event class
 class TypingMessageEvent
 class XHTMLChatMessageEvent