Package org.eclipse.ecf.core

Interface Summary
IContainer Contract for ECF communications container

IContainer instances are used by clients to define a context for communications.
IContainerFactory Container factory contract ContainerFactory for default implementation.
IContainerListener Listener for objects that wish to receive events from an IContainer instances.
IContainerManager Container manager for getting access to existing container instances previously created via IContainerFactory.
IContainerManagerListener Container manager listener.
IReliableContainer Contract for reliable container.

Class Summary
AbstractContainer Abstract implementation of IContainer.
AbstractContainerAdapterFactory Abstract container adapter factory.
BaseContainer Base implementation of IContainer.
ContainerFactory Factory for creating IContainer instances.
ContainerTypeDescription Description of an IContainer type.

Exception Summary
ContainerAuthenticationException Exception class to be thrown upon authentication failure during connect
ContainerConnectException Exception class to be thrown upon connection failure.
ContainerCreateException Exception thrown during container creation