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Eclipse Ditto™ 2.0:
Changes and roadmap


Eclipse Ditto in context

Ditto in action

Ditto as Digital Twin "middleware"

  • digital representation of real physical devices
  • act as broker for communicating with assets
  • consumer-centric & industrial IoT scenarios

Breaking API changes (why 2.0)

  • Removal of “API version 1” and @Deprecated code
  • Restructuring of Ditto’s Maven modules

Non-functional enhancements

  • Improvement of stability during rolling updates
  • Sharding concept for Ditto internal pub/sub
  • Background cleanup improvements

Functional enhancements

  • Merge/PATCH updates of digital twins
  • Expiring policy subjects and policy actions
  • Built-in acknowledgement for search updates
  • Establishing connections to endpoints via a SSH tunnel
  • Configurable OpenID Connect / OAuth2.0 claim extraction
  • Prioritized recovery of connections after restarts
  • Support for LastWill and retain flag for MQTT connections
  • Provide JWT tokens to Websocket endpoint with browser APIs

Roadmap - Eclipse Ditto 2.1

  • Full Apache Kafka integration
  • Integration with Eclipse Hono via Apache Kafka
  • Automatic creation of digital twins, e.g. when automatically created in Eclipse Hono via certificate based device auth
  • Improvements around logging (e.g. into ELK stack or to file)
  • Support for HMAC based authentication methods, e.g. enabling additional integration options for:

Looking ahead

  • Tracing via OpenTelemetry
  • Release of Go(lang) SDK
  • Python SDK
  • ...