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EclipseCon 2018 Ludwigsburg


Project overview

Ditto in action

  • Device-as-a-Service
  • state and population management for digital twins
  • digital twin orchestration framework


Github stars 65
Docker image pulls ~ 1.200
Committers 8 (all from Bosch)
Contributors no significant ext. contributions
Questions via GitHub 15 (increasing interest)
Questions via a few (tens)


  • first release 0.8.0 in the next weeks
    • waiting for the last CQ (Type-B) to be approved, fallback to Type-A release
    • key features: digital twin framework with well-defined APIs and out-of-the-box connectivity to Eclipse Hono + MQTT brokers
  • next year: road towards 1.0.0 - main features: reported/desired state, type enforcement


  • term "digital twins" mostly seen as marketing buzzword
  • attracting users who don't yet know they would benefit from "digital twin" framework
  • contributions are still unlikely, focus is on finding users


  • Eclipse Hono: ✔
  • Eclipse Mosquitto: ✔
    (connection to MQTT 3.1.1 brokers)
  • Eclipse Vorto:
    on our agenda to integrate in order to validate structure of digital twins: #107, #247