Start Ditto

In order to start Ditto, you’ll need:

  • a running Docker daemon (at least version 18.06 CE),
  • Docker Compose installed (at least version 1.22),
  • the built Docker images of Ditto
# switch to the deployment/docker/ directory:
cd deployment/docker/
docker-compose up -d

Check the logs after starting up:

docker-compose logs -f

You have now running:

  • a MongoDB as backing datastore of Ditto (not part of Ditto but started via Docker),
  • Ditto microservices:
    • Policies,
    • Things,
    • Thing-Search,
    • Gateway,
  • an instance of nginx acting as a reverse proxy performing a simple “basic authentication” listening on port 8080

Stop Ditto

This command stops the Ditto stack without removing the data from MongoDB database.

docker-compose stop

After executing this command, Ditto can be started again:

docker-compose start

Destroy Ditto stack

For removing the stack and clearing the MongoDB completely, execute:

docker-compose down