Errors are datatypes containing information about occurred failures which were either cause by the user or appeared in the server.

Error model specification

Error codes

A Ditto error defines an “error code” which is a string identifier that uniquely identifies the error.

Ditto itself uses the following prefixes for its error codes:


  "status": 404,
  "error": "things:attribute.notfound",
  "message": "The attribute with key 'unknown-key' on the thing with ID 'org.eclipse.ditto:my-thing' could not be found or the requester had insufficient permissions to access it.",
  "description": "Check if the ID of the thing and the key of your requested attribute was correct and you have sufficient permissions."
  "status": 400,
  "error": "messages:id.invalid",
  "message": "Thing ID 'foobar2000' is not valid!",
  "description": "It must conform to the namespaced entity ID notation (see Ditto documentation)",
  "href": ""
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