We wish you all a happy new year
and an hope you are curious about our new Eclipse Ditto milestone.

Milestone 3

Our new milestone, namely 0.1.0-M3, adds an AMQP 1.0 bridge. The bridge enables to connect to a running instance of Eclipse Hono. Ditto can consume telemetry and event messages from Hono
and interpret those, given that these are compatible to our Ditto Protocol.

Find more information about the milestone in the 0.1.0-M3 release notes.


Together with this milestone release we have set up a sandbox at https://ditto.eclipseprojects.io.

There, everyone with a Google account can try out the HTTP API by using the interactive HTTP API documentation (powered by Swagger).

Try it out and share your experience.

The sandbox does not yet start the new Connectivity in order to connect to Hono; we will work on that soon.


The new Java artifacts have been published at the Eclipse Maven repository as well as Maven central.

The Docker images have been pushed to Docker Hub:


The Eclipse Ditto team