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This project provides a development environment for analyzing and designing systems using a dataflow-oriented approach. Such systems are specified using block diagrams, which contain the software components (e.g. control algorithm) of the target device, the mechanical components, as well as the physical environment to facilitate close-to-real-world system simulation. The mechanical and physical components can be represented as a dynamical system, which is specified by providing the transfer function of the corresponding linear time-invariant (LTI) system. Even though data flow-oriented design is not bound to a specific domain, it is most commonly used in control systems engineering and digital signal processing. This project includes all necessary tools such as graphical and textual model editors, a simulation environment, and code generators.

Damos Snapshot


Current Status

Damos is in incubation phase yet and has not passed the parallel IP process. Because this there is even no early release version.

Source code and continuous build

December 01, 2012- We are working on license texts and project setup to become part of the eclipse infrastructure


While the bulk of information about the Damos project can be found here, you may also consider the Damos Wiki as a source for further information.

gefördert durch das BMBF, 01IS11020H

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