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Eclipse Portals

The page is about finding more information about Eclipse from around the Eclipse community. The community has provided many blogs, wikis, and websites that are dedicated to Eclipse and can help you to make the most of the Eclipse platform and tools.

Links to Eclipse Portals

  • Planet Eclipse - - Planet Eclipse, hosted by the Eclipse Foundation, is a news aggregator for those who share an enthusiasm for Eclipse and the Eclipse community.
  • Eclipse Marketplace - - Eclipse Marketplace, hosted by the Eclipse Foundation, offers the Eclipse community a convenient, information-rich portal that helps software developers find open source and commercial Eclipse plug-ins, tools and products that enhance the entire software development life-cycle.
  • Eclipse YouTube Channel - - The Eclipse YouTube Channel, managed by the Eclipse Foundation, features videos from its members, community, Industry Working Groups, and Eclipse events (including EclipseCons), and much more.
  • Eclipse Tutorials - - Bookmarked Eclipse tutorials on
  • Equinox Portal - - The Equinox community is building new and interesting technology that makes it easier to create, extend and assemble innovative software.

Community Sites

User Communities

  • Regional Eclipse Communities -
    A wiki page listing groups of people located in the same geographic area that have a keen interest in using and contributing to Eclipse.
  • Eclipse Italian Community - A bilingual (Italian and English) website created by the University of Napoli Federico II to foster collaboration in the Eclipse community in Italy and Europe.
  • SIG Eclipse - The Java User Group Stuttgart (JUGS) SIG Eclipse -
    In der SIG Eclipse dreht sich alles um Eclipse. Eclipse als Entwicklungsumgebung, Eclipse als Rich Client Plattform, weitere Eclipse Projekte wie EMF, GEF usw.

Foreign Language Sites

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