December 3, 2013

Foundation Updates in This Issue

EclipseCon 2014: Register Now and Save a Bunch!

ECE 2013 logo In just a few days the program will be on the website, so check it out! We're excited about the new Theme Days for M2M, PolarSys, and Vert.x. They are adding even more to a really great collection of talks and tutorials.

This is a great time to register; you can save up to $700 over the full price if you sign up now. Remember to book your hotel room; as usual, we expect the conference hotel to sell out.

Get on Board with the Eclipse User Newsletter

user newsletter banner Have you subscribed to the new Eclipse Newsletter for users? If not, you'll want to sign up!
Each issue focuses on a particular topic, and it's a great way to share a project or technology with the user community. The newsletter currently has 70,000 subscribers.

The November 2013 issue on Sirius generated a lot of traffic on the Sirius website, according to Freddy Allilaire of Obeo: "The Sirius release was an important event for Obeo and Thales. The Eclipse newsletter gave Sirius great visibility in the Eclipse community, resulting in 1,700 visits to the Sirius website and 120 downloads on Eclipse Marketplace in the first 24 hours." More...

Eclipse Members Meeting

Plan to participate in the next Eclipse Members Meeting on Friday, December 20, at 11:30 Eastern. Details and URL will be posted on the members-committers mailing list before the meeting.

Recent Project Proposals

GeoTrellis is a general framework for low-latency geospatial data processing developed using Scala and Akka. More...
The OM2M project is an open source implementation of the ETSI M2M standard. It provides a framework for developing services independently of the underlying network and aims to facilitate deployment of vertical applications and heterogeneous devices. More...
The Mbeddr project addresses the development and evolution of mbeddr language extensions (standalone DSLs and C extensions), their IDE, debuggers, and the integration of formal verification tools. More...
The Franca project provides a technology- and platform-neutral IDL including an easy-to-use editor based on the Eclipse IDE. More...

New Solutions Members


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Eclipse Day at Googleplex
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EclipseCon North America 2014
March 17-20, 2014
Burlingame, California, USA

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