June 8, 2010

Foundation Updates In This Issue

  • Eclipse Membership Teleconference Call
  • Attend a Helios DemoCamp
  • Present at Eclipse Summit Europe
  • Eclipse Community Survey Results
  • Helios Release on June 23
  • Eclipse Membership Teleconference Call

    An Eclipse membership teleconference call will be held June 25 at 8:30 am PDT / 11:30 am EDT / 5:30 pm CEST. There will be updates on membership, Eclipse projects, marketing and details on the Helios release.

    Attend a Helios DemoCamp

    To celebrate the Helios release in June, the Eclipse Foundation is inviting members to attend and present at Eclipse DemoCamps worldwide. The DemoCamps are informal meetings where people can network, present what they're doing with Eclipse and exchange ideas. Over 30 DemoCamps are scheduled in 17 different countries until early July.

    Present at Eclipse Summit Europe

    The 5th annual Eclipse Summit Europe will take place November 2-4 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Online submissions for talk, tutorial and symposia proposals are now being accepted. Content can be submitted under the categories: e4, embedded, modeling, runtime and other new & noteworthy. Proposals are due by August 16.

    Members also have a unique opportunity to be an integral part of the entire event through sponsorship at a discounted member rate. An early bird sponsorship rate is in effect until June 15.

    Eclipse Community Survey Results

    Eclipse has published the results from the recent community survey. A complete report, called the Open Source Developer Report, is available for review.

    Helios Release on June 23

    Helios is the annual release of projects taking place on June 23. This year it includes 39 projects and over 33 million lines of code. The Eclipse Foundation is running several programs to promote Helios including a blogathon, virtual conference and friends campaign.
    Check out the Helios page to participate in release-related events.

    Recent Project Proposals

    EGL Development Tools
    EGL enables applications to be re-hosted across changing runtime environments without changing the source code.
    EMF Facet
    EMF Facet aims to contribute a dynamic extension mechanism for EMF tools by introducing new viewpoints (or "facets") on their underlying data.
    EMF Store
    Many EMF-based applications need to share data among multiple clients. A model repository can help an application share instances of an EMF model.
    GenGMF will provide an efficient tooling for developing graphical editors using the Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF).
    SOA Policy Tools
    This project will focus on providing tools to specify concrete policy languages and create, manipulate and enable team-based functionality for policy documents.
    Tools for Mobile Web (TMW)
    TMW will be a basis for web development tooling for mobile devices. For Web applications, TMW will add functionality for mobile specific features like skinning and device deployment.
    Tycho is focused on a Maven-centric, manifest-first approach to building Eclipse plug-ins, features, update sites, RCP applications and OSGi bundles.

    Updated March 1, 2010

    Make an Offer to Eclipse Members

    You can promote your special offer to other Eclipse members in future issues of the Member Newsletter. If you have a product discount, event coupon, free trial or other special deal to offer to Eclipse members, submit your posting to the Member 2 Member Marketplace.

    Submit a M2M Offer

    Eclipse DemoCamps
    June 1-July 14, 2010

    EMF, Xtext and Xpand for the Interested Amateur
    June 7, 2010
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Symposium on Eclipse & OMG Open Specifications
    June 23, 2010
    Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

    Eclipse Embedded Day Stuttgart
    June 24, 2010
    Stuttgart, Germany

    Eclipse Testing Day
    September 8, 2010
    Darmstadt, Germany

    Eclipse SOA/Interoperability Day
    October 5, 2010
    Rome, Italy

    Eclipse Summit Europe
    November 2-4, 2010
    Ludwigsburg, Germany

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    Bosch Group

    RCP Vision

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