February 5, 2008    

Board of Directors Candidates
Details on the candidates for the Eclipse Foundation's 2008 Board of Directors election are now posted. Voting will take place from February 25 to March 7 at 3:00 pm EST. Review the nominees and remember to vote! Learn more.
Vote on the Individual Eclipse Community Awards
trophy Voting for the Top Ambassador, Top Committer and Top Contributor awards is open until February 21. Thank the individuals that make Eclipse a vibrant community by voting today. Learn more.
EclipseCon Early Registration Deadline is February 14
EclipseCon takes place March 17-20, in Santa Clara, CA. There are more than 350 tutorials and talks covering all aspects of Eclipse technology and commercial interests. Register by February 14 for a $700 discount off the onsite price. Learn more.
EclipseCon 2008
Hotels and flights are filling up quickly this year, so remember to book early!
Participate in PluginFest
Eclipse is hosting PluginFest April 16-17 in Sunnyvale, CA. PluginFest is a developer event where different vendors can test the inter-operability and compatibility of their products and plugins, with a focus on the mobile and embedded sectors. Learn more.
Regional Eclipse Communities
In order to better support the ecosystem, a group of regional Eclipse communities has been created to allow Eclipse users and contributors from the same geographic area to share ideas and meet in person. If you feel a mailing list, newsgroup or wiki would be helpful for your area and you're interested in being the local organizer, contact us. Learn more.


Eclipse Examples Project (EEP)
EEP provides a location for well-documented example applications, platforms and features/plugins/bundles that demonstrate the use of Eclipse technology. Learn more.

  Enterprise Information Logistics Framework (EILF)
The EILF project will deliver the foundation for building IAM systems ranging from medium-sized to enterprise-level installations. Learn more.

Glimmer is a JRuby DSL that enables easy and efficient authoring of user-interfaces using the robust platform-independent Eclipse SWT library. Learn more.

  Integration for Apache Maven (IAM)
IAM will provide integration for Apache Maven out of the box and under the Foundation umbrella. Learn more.

Memory Analyzer
The Memory Analyzer is a tool for the analysis of HPROF binary heap dumps, a de-facto standard for heap dumps supported by the Sun JRE. Learn more.

  Virtual Prototyping Platform (VPP)
VPP is intended to collect a number of smaller technologies together. Learn more.


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mds Technology

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March 17-20, 2008
Santa Clara, CA, USA

April 16-17, 2008
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

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