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The 2019 IoT Developer Survey Results are Live

This year marks the fifth year the Eclipse IoT Working Group has asked the global IoT developer community to share their perceptions, requirements, and priorities.


New Survey of More Than 1,700 IoT Developers Reveals Top Hardware, Software "Stack" Choices

Today, we released the 2019 IoT Developer Survey results that canvassed more than 1,700 developers about their IoT efforts!


Renaming Java EE Specifications for Jakarta EE

As we prepare to engage in actual specification work, it's time to start thinking about changing the names of the specifications and the projects that contain their artifacts.


How to participate in advancing Jakarta EE Specification: Technical and Collateral material related work

We have heard from members of the community some suggestions on what they need from the specification, but we can always use more!


Welcome Gabriela!

We'd like to welcome Gabriela Motroc to the Eclipse Foundation as a Content Marketing Specialist based in Germany!


Thank You for Taking the Jakarta EE 2019 Developer Survey!

The survey wrapped up at midnight on Monday, March 25, with over 1,770 responses from developers around the globe.


Incubation in the Eclipse Development Process

The Eclipse Development Process has a notion of phases. Two of those phases are Incubation and Mature.


That's A Wrap, Folks! Thank You for Participating in Our 2019 IoT Developer Survey!

We are proud to announce that our 2019 IoT Developer Survey, organized by the Eclipse IoT Working Group, was a huge success with over 1,700 responses!


Eclipse Foundation Specification Process Step-by-Step

The Eclipse Foundation Specification Process (EFSP) provides a framework and governance model for developers engaged in the process of developing specifications.


Eclipse Foundation Board Election Results

See the results of the Eclipse Foundation Sustaining Member and Committer Member elections for representatives to our Board of Directors.


The 2019 Jakarta EE Developer Survey is underway!

The Jakarta EE Working Group is launching the Jakarta EE Developer Survey for 2019!


Jakarta EE - What's New in 2019?

Check out what's new in 2019 for Jakarta EE!


Eclipse IoT Reaches New Milestones in Open Source IoT Leadership

Eclipse IoT reaches three million lines of code, 41 member companies, 37 IoT projects, and 350 contributors - bringing IoT leaders together to standardize open architecture.


Participate in the 2019 IoT Developer Survey!

The Eclipse IoT Working Group is pleased to launch the 2019 IoT Developer Survey and we want to hear from you!


Eclipse Newsletter - Editorial Calendar 2019

Our goal with the newsletter is to deliver great content that educates, motivates, and inspires our community!


Open Source: Can you afford not to get involved?

To say that the open source community is on a roll would be an understatement.


Eclipse Foundation: 15 Years Young

Saturday, February 2, 2019 marks the 15th birthday of the Eclipse Foundation. That was the day that it was publicly and officially announced, and the opening day of the first ever EclipseCon conference.

2019/01/29 is Live! PS: Bloggers, We Need You! is the new blog home for our global community to stay up to date on the latest Jakarta EE news, technologies, best practices, and more.


Eclipse Specification Process IV: The Specification Committee Votes

One key difference between Eclipse open source software projects and open source specification projects is that specification projects must be aligned with exactly one specification committee


Tradista Joins Eclipse Foundation

Tradista will contribute to the Jakarta EE project, bringing its long experience in the Java EE platform applied to the financial sector.


Eclipse Development Process 2018

In December 7/2018, the Eclipse Foundation's Board of Directors approved a new edition of the Eclipse Development Process (EDP) which introduces one particularly significant change, along with a small number of other useful changes.


Eclipse Foundation Drives $9 Billion in Open Source Innovation

Global open source foundation finishes 2018 with 360+ open source projects, 162+ million lines of code written and more than 275 sponsor members


Read the newest Jakarta EE Newsletter!

This month we bring you a fully loaded Jakarta EE newsletter with a mix of technical content, community news, and a tutorial!


Eclipse Foundation Specification Process, Part III: Creation

Creation' is an integral part of the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process. Read Wayne Beaton's newest blog on the topic.


How is the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process (EFSP) different from Java Community Process (JCP)?

There are many differences between Eclipse Foundation Specification Process (EFSP) and Java Community Process (JCP), let's focus on my top 5!

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