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Eclipse Vert.x Wins the Most innovative Java Technology Jax Innovation Award

The JAX Innovation Awards, which have been running since 2007, celebrate outstanding innovation within the tech sector, with a particular emphasis on those who foster and drive Java and open technologies.


Eclipse Integrated Development Day - June 3 in Berlin

The Eclipse Integrated Development Day focuses on today’s interoperability challenges in system engineering such as data interoperability (i.e. models), data consistency, data variants, traceability and tool integration. Sign up to attend.


Automotive Software Development and Open Source, Wed Jun 25 2014

The first and only German conference focusing on open source in automotive! Presenting: Daimler, BMW, Mentor Graphics, IBM, Bosch Software Innovations, Hella, AUTOSAR, FEV, Validas, fortiss, Bearingpoint, Eclipse Foundation and ETAS. Use this code 7701B1R23-20/D1400746 to get 20% off registration.


Eclipse RCPs for Your Raspberry Pi - Genuitec Continues "Internet of Things" Commitment With PiPlug Project

Genuitec, makers of the market leading MyEclipse Integrated Development Environment and Secure Delivery Center technologies, is pleased to offer the Eclipse community its "Internet of Things" PiPlug project.


Jubula and GUIdancer support JavaFX

Version 8.0 of Jubula and GUIdancer has been released with support for JavaFX applications.


Webinar: Connecting Eclipse to the Cloud-Based Era of Developer Tooling with Project Flux

Speakers: Martin Lippert and Mike Milinkovich - April 22The Eclipse IDE (as one example) is great, but increasingly we are seeing new projects and companies working in the cloud-based developer tooling space, using a front-end that runs purely in the browser.


The IoT cloud: At EclipseCon, Internet of Things moves to the cloud

At the EclipseCon Developers conference in San Francisco, there was considerable talk about some of the challenges in developing the infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT).


Web-based development tools face challenges

Web-based development tools promise to dramatically improve the software development lifecycle by better matching the development environment with existing enterprise software.


EclipseCon 2014: Java 8 Support, Flux Integrates Orion

The big news at the latest edition of EclipseCon North America, which wrapped up in San Francisco on Thursday, was Oracle's Java 8 announcements.


Official Eclipse Support for Java™ 8

The Eclipse top-level project is very proud to announce official support for Java™ 8. Starting with I20140318-0830 all Luna (4.4) builds contain the Eclipse support for Javaâ„¢ 8. For Kepler SR2 (4.3.2) a feature patch is available.


Eclipse builds a bridge between desktop and cloud development

Project Flux will give developers an infrastructure for easily moving back and forth between desktops and the cloud.


Orion 5 Supports More Languages and Can Deploy to Cloud

Enhancements in Orion 5 include: syntax highlighting for several languages, content assist for several Node.js libraries and databases, better syntax validation, cloud deployment and others.


Bonitasoft joins Eclipse Foundation

Bonitasoft has joined the Eclipse Foundation, an open source community dedicated to the establishment of extensible development and application frameworks.


Interview with Andy Piper on the Eclipse Paho project and the Internet of Things

The Eclipse foundation started a Machine-to-Machine working group at EclipseCon 2012 looking at forming a community around the growing Internet of Things – hardware devices and sensors that are becoming networked on a massive scale.


docfacto launches a simple solution to keep your doc and code in sync

docfacto Links is simple solution that doesn’t require the adoption of any complicated frameworks to keep your code and documentation in sync and has an Eclipse plugin with easy to use features.


New Eclipse project to marry the desktop IDE and the cloud takes flight

Software development is gradually pivoting towards the web - and in many ways, the cloud has now come to resemble the desktop IDE. In response to this trend, two members of the Eclipse community, Martin Lippert (check out his talk Browser & Cloud – The Future of IDEs? in the video at the bottom of the page) and Orion developer John Arthorne, have proposed a new project: Flight.


Eclipse Foundation: 10 Years Down, Many More to Come

The Eclipse Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary this week, moving from a consortium of companies championing a Java integrated development environment (IDE) to a multi-faceted organization that continues to set the tone for open-source software development with competing corporate entities providing governance.


Happy birthday Eclipse Foundation! : 5 noteworthy initiatives from the past decade

Running through the roster of Eclipse Foundation projects old and new, you can easily chart the rise and fall of development trends over the past decade.


The Eclipse Foundation Turns 10: An Interview with Mike Milinkovich

It was during a break in the action long ago at the 2004 JavaOne conference that I found myself sitting in the W Hotel restaurant in San Francisco across from an earnest Canadian dude whose name I mispronounced twice during the interview, as he explained how IBM would really (no, really) keep its Big, Blue mitts off its relatively recently open-sourced, Java-based tooling platform, code-named Eclipse.


Plan to attend the SF Bay Area BIRT Meetup

The first-ever SF Bay Area BIRT Developers’ Meetup will spotlight how integrating Cloudera's Impala and BIRT can help make visual sense of Hadoop data.


Eclipse Foundation at ERTS Toulouse (Feb 5-7)

A unique European cross sector event on Embedded Software and Systems, a platform for top-level scientific with representatives from universities, research centers and industries. Mike Milinkovich is one of the keynote speakers, and the PolarSys team has a booth.


Eclipse Foundation at OpenUp Camp Nuremberg (Feb 14-16)

A unique weekend to discuss the Future of Open. Will cover Open Source, Super Communities and many more topics. The Eclipse's Gael Blondelle will present the PolarSys Working Group. For all events, visit


Excelsior JET 9 Supports Java 7, Linux/x64

Excelsior LLC has released a major update to its spec-compliant JVM enhanced with Ahead-Of-Time native code compiler. Excelsior JET 9 adds support for Java SE 7 and Linux/64 and makes the 64-bit compiler produce better code in less time.


Eclipse Ups Ante for Internet of Things Community

The Eclipse Foundation says the Internet of things should be based on open-source technology supported by an Eclipse-based community.


SF Bay Area BIRT Developers Meetup

Join Actuate and Cloudera at SF Bay Area BIRT Developers’ first Meetup on Thursday, February 6 at 6pm at Actuate Corporation in San Mateo, CA.

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