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New Eclipse project to marry the desktop IDE and the cloud takes flight

Software development is gradually pivoting towards the web - and in many ways, the cloud has now come to resemble the desktop IDE. In response to this trend, two members of the Eclipse community, Martin Lippert (check out his talk Browser & Cloud – The Future of IDEs? in the video at the bottom of the page) and Orion developer John Arthorne, have proposed a new project: Flight.


Eclipse Foundation: 10 Years Down, Many More to Come

The Eclipse Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary this week, moving from a consortium of companies championing a Java integrated development environment (IDE) to a multi-faceted organization that continues to set the tone for open-source software development with competing corporate entities providing governance.


Happy birthday Eclipse Foundation! : 5 noteworthy initiatives from the past decade

Running through the roster of Eclipse Foundation projects old and new, you can easily chart the rise and fall of development trends over the past decade.


The Eclipse Foundation Turns 10: An Interview with Mike Milinkovich

It was during a break in the action long ago at the 2004 JavaOne conference that I found myself sitting in the W Hotel restaurant in San Francisco across from an earnest Canadian dude whose name I mispronounced twice during the interview, as he explained how IBM would really (no, really) keep its Big, Blue mitts off its relatively recently open-sourced, Java-based tooling platform, code-named Eclipse.


Plan to attend the SF Bay Area BIRT Meetup

The first-ever SF Bay Area BIRT Developers’ Meetup will spotlight how integrating Cloudera's Impala and BIRT can help make visual sense of Hadoop data.


Eclipse Foundation at ERTS Toulouse (Feb 5-7)

A unique European cross sector event on Embedded Software and Systems, a platform for top-level scientific with representatives from universities, research centers and industries. Mike Milinkovich is one of the keynote speakers, and the PolarSys team has a booth.


Eclipse Foundation at OpenUp Camp Nuremberg (Feb 14-16)

A unique weekend to discuss the Future of Open. Will cover Open Source, Super Communities and many more topics. The Eclipse's Gael Blondelle will present the PolarSys Working Group. For all events, visit


Excelsior JET 9 Supports Java 7, Linux/x64

Excelsior LLC has released a major update to its spec-compliant JVM enhanced with Ahead-Of-Time native code compiler. Excelsior JET 9 adds support for Java SE 7 and Linux/64 and makes the 64-bit compiler produce better code in less time.


Eclipse Ups Ante for Internet of Things Community

The Eclipse Foundation says the Internet of things should be based on open-source technology supported by an Eclipse-based community.


SF Bay Area BIRT Developers Meetup

Join Actuate and Cloudera at SF Bay Area BIRT Developers’ first Meetup on Thursday, February 6 at 6pm at Actuate Corporation in San Mateo, CA.


Java 8 is Coming to EclipseCon

We are very pleased to announce that we have added a Java 8 Day to EclipseCon 2014. Java 8 is scheduled to be released in March, close to the same time as EclipseCon, so we thought it would be great to have EclipseCon attendees participate in the launch of the new Java release.


Growing an Open IoT Community in 2014

At EclipseCon Europe 2012 (November, 2012) we first announced the creation of the Eclipse M2M Working Group. IBM, Sierra Wireless, Eurotech and Band XI had the vision to create an open source community for M2M software development.


DevelopIntelligence Survey

DevelopIntelligence would like your feedback for their 2014 Developer Training Assessment Research Survey. Complete the survey now.


M2M Alliance joins Eclipse Foundation

The M2M Alliance, the world’s largest professional machine-to-machine association, has joined the Eclipse Foundation, one of the most important organizations in the field of software solutions.


Practical MQTT with Paho

MQTT comes from the world of M2M (Machine to Machine) and the Internet of Things. There, devices can be as small as a sensor and controller connected over a wireless system. This environment drives the need for any protocol's implementation to be lightweight in terms of code footprint and system load, while taking care of that variable reliability connection problem.


docfacto Beermat, most advanced SVG graphics editor available for Eclipse gets a new look and improved functionality

docfacto Beermat is a simple and easy to use SVG graphics editor for Eclipse that allows users to create and edit SVG (scalable vector graphics) diagrams in real-time and provides both a design and source (XML) view.


How the Eclipse Foundation evolves to stay relevant

The Eclipse Foundation supports a vibrant an open source community. Those who work on their projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools, and runtimes for building, deploying, and managing software across the lifecycle.


Eclipse STEM Turns Data into Disease Detective

IBM teams up with Johns Hopkins University and UC San Francisco to help public health officials model, predict and track the possible spread of infectious diseases.


Using Eclipse for Java development: A helpful introduction to the world’s most-used IDE

This report focuses on the most commonly used Java IDE currently available to mankind. Under the spotlight is Eclipse, the most widely selected, praised and complained about IDE.


Spring Tool Suite and Groovy/Grails Tool Suite 3.4.0 released

We are happy to announce the next major release of our Eclipse-based tooling today: The Spring Tool Suite (STS) 3.4.0 and the Groovy/Grails Tool Suite (GGTS) 3.4.0.


HEDL 2.1 - A brand-new version of the DSL for generating JPA-compliant persistence layers

Devboost is proud to announce the next major release of it's flagship product HEDL (Hibernate Entity Definition Language). With more than 15.000 downloads over the last 6 months, HEDL has received enormous attention by the Java community and became one of the fastest growing software solutions for automatic generation of fully consistent, functional, and tested JPA-based persistence layers.


Excelsior JET Now Supports Eclipse RCP 4.3 (Kepler)

Excelsior LLC updated its Excelsior JET 8, a solution for the protection of code and data incommercial Eclipse RCP applications, to support the latest version of the Eclipse RCP platform.


docfacto offers free-to-use SVG UML shapes alongside the latest release of their toolkit

docfacto has just released their latest docfacto toolkit update to the Eclipse Marketplace and on their website. The focus of this release has been on improving usability.


Codetrails announces Eclipse Membership and the release of intelligent code recommendation tooling

Codetrails, the company behind the Eclipse Code Recommenders project, today announced their membership in the Eclipse Foundation and the 1.0 release of the [ctrl]flow Miner tool for creating intelligent code recommendations.


Contest and call for project contributors to Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler

With the growing popularity of open source, it’s getting harder and harder to attract contributors to new projects. A quick Internet search shows us that there are about 20,000+ FLOSS projects out there, and the number of new projects continues to double about every 14 months.

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