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Eclipse Photon IDE Now Available

The Eclipse Foundation has announced the latest version of the Eclipse IDE. The Photon release is designed to expand on polyglot capabilities based on the Language Server Protocol plugins.


The MicroProfile Community Influence on Jakarta EE

In a recent blog post, Roper stated that his journey in being named a committer is related to the MicroProfile community and its influence on Jakarta EE.


Refactoring to Eclipse Collections: Making Your Java Streams Leaner, Meaner, and Cleaner

Eclipse Collections is a high performance collections framework for Java, adding rich functionality to the native JDK Collections.


Proposed Jakarta EE Design Principles

Let's take a look at some suggested design principles that some feel Jakarta EE should follow. What suggestions do you have?


Getting Started With Java EE 8, Payara 5 and Eclipse Oxygen

Do you want to get a Java EE dev environment up quickly and painlessly? Let's look at getting it done with Payara and Eclipse IDE.


Enter Jakarta EE: an Inoculation Against Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in the Java Community

Developers can be passionate about the tools and languages they use for development. This passion is a double-edged knife.


Future of Automotive Software: Call for Papers

Submit a talk for this automotive software event happening Dec 10-11 in Munich, Germany.


Complete Survey: How Eclipse Contributors Respond to Bug Reports

Please take the time to complete this survey by students from the Nara Institute of Science and Technology in Japan.


Where does Java in the enterprise go from here?

Oracle recently freed J2EE, aka Java EE. Now known as Jakarta EE, enterprise Java's new manager the Eclipse Foundation is revealing its plans for the popular middleware platform.


Enterprise Java in the Blogosphere

So much has happened in the enterprise Java space over the past few months that it kind of boggles the mind. Fortunately, the rockstars, gurus and industry watchers have been busily sorting out the whats and wherefores of this epic transformation in the blogosphere.


Webinar: Variability management with Capella and pure::variants

Join Robert Hellebrand from pure-systems GmbH and discover how Product Line Engineering can increase your engineering competitiveness


Latest Roundup of EE4J Activities for Jakarta EE

There has been a recent flurry of EE4J activity as the Eclipse Foundation is positioning Jakarta EE as the new home for cloud native Java.


Java roadmap: Eclipse's Jakarta EE enterprise Java takes shape

The Eclipse Foundation outlines the 39 projects that will make up the new cloud-native, microservices-friendly enterprise Java effort, and how GlassFish will evolve.


What's new in the latest milestone build for Eclipse Photon?

As the Eclipse Photon GA release approaches June 27, here is a look at the M7 milestone release.


Eclipse Collections: A Community Story

Eclipse Collections has optimized List, Set and Map implementations and adds more specialized data structures like Bag, Multimap, BiMap.


Eclipse JNoSQL: Connecting Elasticsearch Directly to your Java EE Application

Eclipse JNoSQL is the bridge to work between these platforms (Java EE and the search engine). An important point to remember is that Elasticsearch is also a NoSQL document type, so a developer may model the application as such.


Eclipse MicroProfile: What it has to offer to the Java community

What is Eclipse MicroProfile and what does it have to offer to the community of Java developers? Join Emily Jiang as she offers us an introduction to Eclipse MicroProfile and its goals.


Eclipse IoT Developer Survey 2018: The main trends of IoT developers

For the fourth time, the Eclipse IoT Working Group, in collaboration with IEEE's IoT Group, Agile IoT and the Open Mobile Alliance, is launching the IoT Developer Survey this year.


Cloud Native Java Has A New Home: Jakarta EE

Mike Milinkovich, executive director at the Eclipse Foundation, introduced a new Eclipse governance model and roadmap for Jakarta EE at this year's JAX conference


Eclipse Photon Nears Release

Eclipse Photon, the seventeenth annual release of the Eclipse Project, will be released on June 27, 2018.


Developers favoring AWS, Microsoft Azure for cloud IoT platforms

An Eclipse Foundation IoT develoepr survey reveails how AWS and Microsoft are widening an early IoT lead potentially at the expense of Google Cloud Platform.


Jakarta EE Working Group Established

Future versions of the Java EE technology will be branded as Jakarta EE and it's currently under active development at the Eclipse Foundation.


Lightbend Joins Eclipse Foundation to Support Jakarta EE

Lightbend, the company behind the Scala language and developer of the Reactive Platform, has joined the Eclipse Foundation because, the company said, it is the new home of enterprise Java.


Survey: How Eclipse Contributors Respond to Bug Reports

Students from the Nara Institute of Science and Technology, in Japan are conducting this survey. Complete it.


Lightbend Joins Eclipse Foundation to Support Jakarta EE Modernization for Cloud-Native Java

Lightbend joins Eclipse Foundation as a new member to support its mission to bring an Open Source governance model to the Java EE platform

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