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Newest Imporvements to the Quarterly Eclipse IDE release

The latest version of the free development environment Eclipse for Java, C / C ++, PHP and some other programming languages brings a number of improvements.


PNNL's Volttron Goes Way Beyond Building Energy Management

Volttron has morphed into a cybersecure platform for development of new analysis and management solutions.


The draft of Jakarta EE Specification Process is live!

The time has come! The Eclipse Foundation has announced the draft of the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process and invites the community to read it, review it and give feedback.


Jakarta EE @EclipseFdn: Getting it done

To say that bringing Jakarta EE to life at the Eclipse Foundation was a massive undertaking is a gross understatement.


My first 100 days at the Eclipse Foundation

I made it to my first 100 days at the Eclipse Foundation! New beginnings are always exciting. It has been a blast and a challenge at the same time. Many twists and turns, but steady progress nevertheless for both Jakarta EE and me!


Open Software Is Changing Automation

Insights on how the growing complexity of software applications and end user demands are driving the industrial automation technology space toward an open source future.


Open-source boffins want to do for the IoT edge what Kubernetes did for containers

Two high-profile open-source collaborations are putting their heads together to work out how to take Kubernetes, more familiar in hyperscale environments, out to Internet of Things edge computing projects.


How Java EE development has kept up with microservices

Java EE is mature technology, but it will continue to evolve in ways that can fit nicely into a microservices architecture.


CNCF, Eclipse Foundation Push Kubernetes to the Edge

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Eclipse Foundation formed a new working group focused on using Kubernetes to manage IoT and edge networking deployments.


New working group created to bring Kubernetes to IoT edge networks

The Kubernetes project has emerged as the default container orchestration tool in many DevOps scenarios, but teething problems still exist when it comes to "internet of things" deployments in the cloud and at the network edge.


JNoSQL and Jakarta EE

The JNoSQL project is excited to announce that it will be the first new standardization project to be adopted by Jakarta EE!


Fujitsu has joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Strategic Member

Fujitsu has joined the Eclipse Foundation(*) as Strategic Member in April 2018.


ORNL-developed technology streamlines computational science projects

Since designing and launching a specialized workflow management system in 2010, a research team from the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has continuously updated the technology to help computational scientists develop software, visualize data and solve problems.


Surging Interest in Jakarta EE and IoT Drive Recent Spate of New Eclipse Foundation Memberships

What the Eclipse Foundation is describing as a "surge" of interest in both enterprise Java (Jakarta EE) and the activities of the Eclipse IoT community led to a spike in new memberships last month.


Oracle Releases New Java Microservices Framework

Oracle on Friday announced the first release of Project Helidon, a new collection of Java Libraries for writing microservices, and officially joined the Eclipse MicroProfile effort.


Helidon Takes Flight

Please welcome Project Helidon — a new open source Java microservices framework from Oracle!


Energy controls platform available in open source

VOLTTRON is an innovative open source software platform that helps users rapidly develop and deploy new control solutions for a myriad of applications.


Cirrus Link Solutions Joins Eclipse Foundation

Cirrus Link Solutions, LLC announced that it has joined the Eclipse Foundation, the platform for open collaboration and innovation.


Jakarta EE: The new home for enterprise Java

Jakarta EE is the new name for the overall platform comprised initially of the Java EE technologies that are being contributed to the Eclipse Foundation.


What's new in Eclipse JNoSQL 0.0.6

Eclipse JNoSQL is a framework that makes the integration between Java and NoSQL easier with an extensible API that allows both to use common features as standards calls and expandable enough to allow to use particular features from any specific vendor.


Milinkovich on Eclipse's New Quarterly Release Train, the LSP and Progress on Jakarta

The annual Eclipse Release Train chugged out of the station right on time again this year, with 85 projects in tow, but with this release, the Eclipse Foundation threw a switch (pardon the tortured metaphor) that put the train on a much faster track.


Eclipse Photon Now Available

Eclipse Photon Now Available, Mercedes-Benz Vans Using Automotive Grade Linux, Enso Open-Source Project for Machine Learning, Tails 3.8 Released and More


Eclipse Photon is here!

The Eclipse Foundation just released Eclipse Photon. What is in this newest release of the popular open source IDE platform?


Eclipse Photon in Focus: What's New, What's Next?

The release train "Eclipse Photon" gathers 85 projects this year for a co-ordinated release. We talked to Wayne Beaton, Director of Open Source Projects at the Eclipse Foundation, about what's new and what exciting developments are underway after Photon.


VMblog's Expert Interviews: Eclipse Foundation Talks Eclipse IDE, VMware and Eclipse Photon Release

The Eclipse Foundation is most famous for the Eclipse IDE, the technology that IBM open sourced in 2001, leading to the establishment of the Eclipse Foundation as an independent not-for-profit in 2004.

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