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First meeting of the openGENESIS Working Group

We are happy to invite you to our first Eclipse openGENESIS Working Group meeting taking place April 30 in Munich.


Eclipse MicroProfile 2.2 Continues Alignment with Java EE 8

The latest release of the Eclipse MicroProfile (version 2.2) continues to align itself with Java EE 8 as the foundational programming model for the development of Java microservices.


Eclipse IDE Keeps Pace with Faster Java Releases

Last week's Java 12 release wasn't the only byproduct of Oracle's faster release cadence.


Cloud IDE review: AWS Cloud9 vs. Eclipse Che vs. Eclipse Theia

You don’t have to develop locally to get full IDE support. We compare three great tools that let you edit and debug code from a browser.


Strategies towards web/cloud-based tools and IDEs

There is currently a big hype surrounding web- and cloud-based tooling. New projects and frameworks are popping up and existing projects get more traction both in and outside the Eclipse ecosystem.


Eclipse MicroProfile 2.2 for Java Microservices release

The Eclipse foundation recently released MicroProfile 2.2, helping developers to create microservices on top of EE 8.


War Stories about Edge Computing on Kubernetes

Edge computing on Kubernetes is emerging as a powerful way to share, distribute and manage data on a massive scale in ways that cloud or on-premise deployments cannot necessarily provide.


Eclipse ioFog: Real world patterns for the edge

Edge computing is poised to become a major tech trend in the future. As the global IT infrastructure transforms, developers will need need new approaches.


IBM Announces Additional $25 Million Investment to Put Technology to Work Saving Lives

Code and Response includes resources to build, fortify, test, and implement solutions at scale.


Discovering JNoSQL

The ambition of JNoSQL is to provide a consistent developer experience across the different NoSQL technologies while enabling to use some specificities.


Eclipse Che 7 is Coming and It's Really Hot

A better plugin model, a new IDE, and Kubenative Workspaces - Eclipse Che is on fire !


Eclipse Jemo set to provide a new platform for multi-cloud native apps

Eclipse Jemo lets developers utilize cloud native apps across multiple clouds. No storm clouds on this horizon!


Red Hat Launches CodeReady Workspaces Kubernetes IDE

Red Hat is expanding its developer tools portfolio with a commercially supported distribution of the open-source Eclipse Che project.


Java EE 8 Compatible Eclipse GlassFish 5.1 Released

Eclipse Foundation completes migration of 13.5 million lines of code in 95,000 files with full testing of open source TCK and proprietary Oracle TCK.


Eclipse releases GlassFish 5.1 for Java EE 8

Eclipse Foundation reaches a key Jakarta EE milestone with the release of its own GlassFish application server.


Mike Milinkovich on Java in 2018 and 2019

John Waters talks with Mike Milinkovich about the transition of the stewardship of enterprise Java and what he sees coming for the Java community in 2019.


Asciidoctor: A new home at the Eclipse Foundation

After numerous calls for an AsciiDoc specification over the past year, it's abundantly clear the community is ready for AsciiDoc to take this step.


How the Eclipse Foundation is saving enterprise Java

The Eclipse Foundation is quiet and doesn't brag about its work on enterprise Java, but this approach just might save the standard.


What is Open Source and Why Should You Care?

The term "open source" is used with excitement throughout multiple industries, yet folks are still asking a lot of questions, chief among them: What is open source & why should I care?


Big50-2018 Challenge 1 Winner: Edgeworx

The first Elevator Pitch winner is Edgeworx, a startup developing an application and security platform for the network edge.


IBM and Red Hat wield power over enterprise Java

A combined IBM and Red Hat could mean changes for developers in a number of ways, one of which might be the future of enterprise Java.


Edgeworx ioFog Platform Drills Software Down to the Edge

The company’s platform is based on the Eclipse ioFog open source project and targets developers looking to deploy and manage any application or containerized microservice at the edge.


Jakarta EE spec process paves way for enterprise Java

Eclipse will govern the future direction of enterprise Java for developers through the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process, and it pledges vendor-neutral support and IP protection.


Jakarta EE Community Voices: What lies ahead for Jakarta EE?

24 community members participated in the Jakarta EE Community Voices document, which focuses on technical innovations for Jakarta EE specifications.


What's New In Eclipse JNoSQL 0.0.7

Let's take a look at what's new in Eclipse JNoSQL 0.0.7 and explore how it improves queries in Cassandra with pagination state.

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