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Moving Forward With Jakarta EE 9

On behalf of the Jakarta EE Working Group, we are excited to announce the unanimous approval of the plan for Jakarta EE 9, with an anticipated mid-2020 release.


The realities of running an open-source community

The benefits of using open-source software is immeasurable, but it’s not the code itself that makes open-source software an invaluable resource.


Eclipse Foundation’s New Bylaws Are in Effect

We are pleased to announce the Eclipse Foundation’s new Bylaws went into effect on January 1, 2020.


Close to the Edge

Today we are launching our new Edge Native Working Group to help drive the industry platform for edge computing.

Community News


openMDM at ASAM International Conference

Interested in the work of the openMDM Working Group? Meet us at the ASAM INternational Conference 2019 in Dresden on December 10-11. Play with a live demo of our current work and discuss with the experts.


Community Code of Conduct Update

Our Code of Conduct has been updated to match the latest version from the Contributor Covenant.


Huawei Becomes a Strategic Member of the Eclipse Foundation

Globally leading open source company upgrades participation to drive strong open source governance and industry-scale innovation.


The Eclipse Collections website now has Spanish translation!

Thanks to an amazing community made contribution, the Eclipse Collections website now has a Spanish translation!

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