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Eclipse Photoshop Challenge: "Better than MovieOS"

Eclipse community members were invited to display their Photoshop and Gimp skills by taking a still frame from a movie or TV show, and replacing the MovieOS with a screenshot of an Eclipse IDE running plugins, an RCP or SWT application, or even a mobile OSGi application. Entries were submitted through bug 252135.

A very special thank you to Eclipse committer Nick Boldt for creating and organizing the "Better Than MovieOS" contest.


The top 5 community-voted submissions win an Eclipse shirt. Since we had 6 submitters, we bumped it up by one so all of them will receive a shirt.
Note: Individuals were allowed to submit multiple entries, but only one prize per person will be awarded.


Click on any picture to see its full-size version.

1st: Wall E (Holger Voormann)

2nd: Madagascar (Benjamin Cabe)

3rd: Space Odyssey 1 (Ugo Sangiorgi)

Honourable Mentions

Futurama 1 (Benjamin Cabe)

Futurama 2 (Benjamin Cabe)

Futurama 3 (Benjamin Cabe)

Homer Simpson (Manuel Selva)

An Inconvenient Truth 1 (Ugo Sangiorgi)

An Inconvenient Truth 2 (Ugo Sangiorgi)

InvaderZim (Nick Boldt)

The Incredible Hulk (Benjamin Cabe)

The Matrix 1 (Benjamin Cabe)

The Matrix 2 (Benjamin Cabe)

Minority Report (Benjamin Cabe)

Spaceballs (Nick Boldt)

Space Odyssey 2 (Ugo Sangiorgi)

Star Wars 1 (Mortiz Post)

Star Wars 2 (Moritz Post)

Team America 1 (Nick Boldt)

Team America 2 (Nick Boldt)

Tripping the Rift (Nick Boldt)

The Truman Show (Benjamin Cabe)

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