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Eclipse M2M Webinars

Machine-to-Machine (M2M), sometimes called Internet of Things, refers to technologies that allow wired and wireless machines/devices to communicate with each other. As the number of connected devices continues to grow the opportunity for software developers is tremendous. M2M does present a number of software architecture and technology challenges. Most of the current M2M solutions make it very difficult to share information between different applications and platforms.

The Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group (IWG) hosted a series of webinars to help software developers understand the potential, challenges and technology of building M2M applications. A series of four webinars were recorded and feature an industry expert focused on a particular aspect of M2M.

The Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group is a collaboration between some of the leading M2M industry players. The goal is to create a common set of tools and frameworks that make it easy to create an open platform for M2M applications.

Webinar Recordings

  • Webinar #1: What is M2M?

    The first webinar will introduce the concepts of M2M, present case studies to highlight the opportunities, explore different technical solutions and discuss the technical challenges of implementing an M2M application. It will also introduce the goals of the Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group. This will be a great introduction to anyone that wants to begin learning about the M2M industry and M2M application development.

    Speakers: Benjamin Cabe, Sierra Wireless and Arlen Nipper


  • Webinar #2: Anatomy of an M2M Application

    M2M introduces some new architectural challenges for software developers. M2M applications need to take into consideration support for different devices, network issues, connection to existing enterprise systems and much more. This webinar will look at anatomy of an M2M application and the different potential technical architectures used to deploy successful M2M applications.

    Speakers: James Branigan (Band XI) and Tiziano Modotti (Eurotech)


  • Webinar #3: Getting Started with MQTT

    MQTT is a connectivity protocol designed for M2M. It is an extremely lightweight publish/subscribe messaging transport that is ideal for connecting small devices connected on networks with minimal bandwidth. The Eclipse Paho project is the reference implementation for the MQTT protocol. This webinar will introduce developers to MQTT and then show how you can develop your very first MQTT based application using Paho and the Eclipse IDE.

    Speakers: Ian Craggs (IBM) and David Locke (IBM)


  • Webinar #4: Developing with Lua

    Lua is a fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language. Very popular in the gaming industry, Lua is also being used to make smart connections between devices. The Eclipse Koneki project is building Lua development tools to make it easy to develop, debug and deploy M2M applications. This webinar will provide a brief introduction to Lua and then demonstrate how Eclipse and Koneki can be used to build great M2M applications.

    Speakers: Benjamin Cabe (Sierra Wireless)


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