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Eclipse Newsletter - 2020.18.06

Eclipse IDE Evolution


Editor's Note

With the Eclipse IDE 2020-06 simultaneous release this month, we wanted to focus our newsletter on articles that explore different aspects of the Eclipse desktop IDE evolution and what those advancements mean for developers.
As you’ll see in our article summary below, our community authors have approached the topic from two main perspectives — how IDE features and functionality are evolving and how developers are evolving the way they use the IDE.

Spotlight Articles

Explore this month’s spotlight articles:

  • The Eclipse IDE community highlights some of the new and noteworthy features in the Eclipse IDE 2020-06 release.
  • Patrick Paulin explains how to create the technical infrastructure required to integrate the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) with backend microservices.
  • Ed Merks introduces the Eclipse JustJ project, which will provide fully functional Java runtime packages for redistribution in the Eclipse IDE 2020-09 release.

News and Community Updates

Also, be sure to check out our News section. This month, we provide updates on:

  • The Jakarta EE 9 release and the Jakarta EE survey results.
  • Our recent virtual events and upcoming events to mark on your calendar.
  • Our latest white paper and case study that highlight the unique value the Eclipse Foundation brings to European organizations to support their participation in the global open source ecosystem.

Finally, a quick reminder to all IoT developers: The IoT Developer Survey closes June 26, so please take a few minutes to add your voice if you haven’t already done so. The survey can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Start now.
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New Project Proposals

  • AsciiDoc Language: defines and maintains the AsciiDoc Language Specification and Technology Compatiblity Kit (TCK), its artifacts, and the corresponding language and API documentation.

Interested in more project activity? Read on!

New Project Releases

View all the project releases!

Upcoming Virtual Events

OpenADx @ ScaleUp 360° Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Europe | June 30 - July 1, 2020

JakartaOne Livestream Brazil | August 29, 2020

OSD Forum | September15, 2020

Eclipse SAM IoT 2020 | September 17-18, 2020

EclipseCon 2020 | October 19-22, 2020

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