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Eclipse Newsletter - 2020.21.08

A Jakarta EE Foundation for the Future


Editor's Note

We’re approaching the Jakarta EE 9 full release date and Jakarta EE 10 is on the horizon. As we turn our focus to the future of Jakarta EE, it’s a good time for all of us to consider where the technology is today, where we want it to go, and how we can help it get there.

Spotlight Articles

Our spotlight articles this month highlight opportunities to get more involved with Jakarta EE initiatives and technologies.

  • Steve Millidge summarizes everything you need to know about the Jakarta EE 9 full release — how you can help finalize the release, Java release priorities, namespace change roadmaps, and how to start sharing your ideas for Jakarta EE 10.
  • Scott Marlow explains how the Jakarta EE community can get involved in developing Jakarta EE platform Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) tests and why these tests are so important to the future of Jakarta EE.
  • Jean-François James describes a practical way to secure Jakarta RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) APIs with Eclipse MicroProfile JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Web Token (JWT).

Committer Profile

Each month, we’ll be introducing you to an Eclipse committer so you can get to know these dedicated Eclipse community members and learn why they became committers.

We start the series with a profile of Lukas Jungmann — committer to 12 Jakarta EE projects, Oracle employee, and most importantly, dad to three children.

News and Community Updates

Finally, read our News section for the latest updates on Jakarta EE and the Eclipse Foundation. This month, you’ll learn about:

  • EclipseCon 2020 focus areas and registration
  • The Jakarta EE 9 tools vendor datasheet
  • The Friends of Jakarta EE monthly call
  • The value of the 2020 IoT Developer Survey results
  • Eclipse SAMIoT Research Conference 2020 - 17-18 September

Happy reading!
Shabnam Mayel

New Project Proposals

  • Eclipse Digital Cockpit: The Eclipse Digital Cockpit provides a modular, polyglot and service-based Edge Runtime which enables fast and easy development of apps and services that interact with machines.

Interested in more project activity? Read on!

New Project Releases

View all the project releases!

Upcoming Virtual Events

JakartaOne Livestream Brazil | August 29, 2020

State of the Source | September 9-11, 2020

OSD Forum | September 15, 2020

Eclipse SAM IoT 2020 | September 17-18, 2020

The Open Source Business Forum | October 7-8, 2020

Jakarta One in Spanish | October 12, 2020

EclipseCon 2020 | October 19-22, 2020

Do you know about an event relevant to the Eclipse community? Submit your event to

Eclipse Foundation · 2934 Baseline Road, Suite 202 · Ottawa, ON K2H 1B2 · Canada

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