Discover Model-Based Engineering

Eclipse Papyrus is an open source model-based engineering tool that is industry ready and academia friendly. Engineers from various industrial domains use Papyrus to put model-based engineering to work for their systems and software projects.

The articles below will give you a crash course on everything Papyrus. Find out what's new in Papyrus 2.0 and why you should use it, learn about the Papyrus Industry Consortium, discover a new modeling solution for the Internet of Things (IoT), and read about migrating from proprietary tools to open source.

The EclipseCon France program is now available. Attend the conference to learn about great Eclipse technologies!


Papyrus 2.0: What, Why and What's Next

Papyrus 2.0 is now available! Why should you download it right now?
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Papyrus Industry Consortium: an Open Source Industrial Modeling Solution

Why was the Papyrus Industry Consortium created?
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Papyrus for IoT — A Modeling Solution for IoT

Learn about this platform that will provide software tools for the design of Internet of Things (IoT) systems.
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Case Study: Migrating from Proprietary Tools to Papyrus

Read this case study to find out how companies can benefit from migrating to open source tools like Papyrus.
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The IoT Developer Survey Results are in!

We are pleased to release the results of the 2016 IoT Developer Survey. Learn more about the recent trends.

Open MDM Website Refresh Now Live

The new Open MDM Working Group website went live this month.

Organize an Eclipse Neon DemoCamp or Hackathon

It's time to plan an Eclipse Neon DempCamp or Hackathon in your city.

  Mylyn 3.19

  Eclipse Collections 7.1

  Eclipse NeoSCADA 0.3

  Ogee 0.7

  EGit 4.3

  JGit 4.3

  Dirigible 2.3



  Open Standard Business Platform (OSBP)

  PolarSys Rover

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