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Data is all around us. Analyzing and vizualizing this data has become important for many fields, particularly software development.

This month, the newsletter features articles that will explore how the Era of Embedded Analytics and Smart(er) Devices will impact applications, how Eclipse BIRT can help you better connect to the IoT world, and why you should choose Eclipse BIRT to build compelling and meaningful data visualizations that can be integrated into rich-client or web applications.

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Designing Applications in the Era of Embedded Analytics and Smart(er) Devices

The next wave of online experiences and devices drives more demand for simpler, more task-oriented and personalized apps. Read this article to find out what is needed to help design, deploy, and embed these visualizations.
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Eclipse BIRT Connects IoT

Connecting the world one device at a time? Find out how BIRT provides the flexibility and extensibility for you to connect to multiple connected devices, analyze the data, and create and share dynamic visualizations within your applications.
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Beginning BIRT: A Practical Introduction

Learn the BIRT architecture, explore the BIRT Designer (including design creation, customization and scripting) and learn about deployment options. Includes scripts and code.
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New Eclipse Open Source Project Targets Automotive Industry in Collaboration with EU Research Project

The Eclipse Foundation announces the creation of a new open source project, called APP4MC.




  Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) 3.10.1

  PHP Development Tools 3.6

  EMFStore 1.6

  EMF Client Platform 1.7

  Mylyn 3.17

  Eclipse Communication Framework 3.11

  JGit 4.1

  EGit 4.1

  Oomph 1.2

  C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) 8.8

  Eclipse Rich Beans

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