February 2014

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Eclipse

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the big new trends in the technology industry. For the last year, Eclipse has been growing an Eclipse IoT community to provide open source software for IoT developers. We now have 12 projects targeting IoT!

In this edition of the newsletter we have four articles to introduce you to IoT and the Eclipse IoT community. Our first article is an introductory summary to the Eclipse IoT projects. We then have more in-depth articles on two projects: Eclipse Kura and Eclipse SmartHome. The last article details the differences between two popular IoT standards: CoAP and MQTT.

If you are interested in learning more about Eclipse IoT then I highly recommend the IoT Day at EclipseCon. This day-long event provides an in-depth review of key topics for developers learning about IoT. It is a part of the EclipseCon agenda but you can also purchase a day pass for $200.

See you in California!


Introducing the Eclipse IoT Community: Open Wins

Learn more about the Eclipse IoT Community and the 12 different projects involved.

MQTT and CoAP, IoT Protocols

Discover the IoT protocols MQTT and CoAP, their differences and how to choose the right one.

Kura - A Gateway for the Internet of Things

What is the new Eclipse project Kura and how can you use it?

Privacy in the Smart Home - Why we need an Intranet of Things

What you need to know about smart home solutions and why you should build your own!

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Cédric Brun


What do you do?
I am the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) at Obeo. I'm in charge of the products, the technical aspects of the services we provide to our customers and the R&D projects. I manage a team of talented and diverse developers in a friendly environment, each one of them always looking for ways to do things better.
Developing Open Source solutions is a key aspect of our business strategy and that leads me (or the other way around ;) to being involved in several Eclipse projects, either as a committer in Sirius, EMF Compare and Acceleo, or as a project lead on EcoreTools and Amalgamation.
I actually do very little coding. Most of my time is spent managing teams and product roadmaps, meeting customers and users of our technologies, organizing the development process, giving talks and setting directions.

How long have you been using Eclipse?
I knew about Eclipse, but only started using it in 2006 when I joined Obeo. My job, from the beginning, involved extending Eclipse and so I never really could walk in the shoes of the pure "end user". Obeo was just founded; nobody knew the company, but doing OSS has been a powerful way to become known. The more we grew, the more we got involved in Eclipse. In a nutshell, it has been already 8 years (god!) of using and extending Eclipse for all kind of needs.

Name five plugins you use and recommend:
Of course, I use all the great plugins and tools which are widely used like the Java Development Tools or Checkstyle. So I'm going to focus on less known plugins which bring many of those daily "ahah !" moments:

  • Wikitext: My days are filled with meetings yet I always need to have code accessible. That's why Eclipse is one of the first things I start and all my meeting notes are kept and organized using Wikitext. It's a simple and straightforward tool handling the Textile and mediawiki syntaxes (among others). It "just works" and allow me to easily publish notes on the Obeo or Eclipse wiki when needed. I have not taken the time (yet) to have a go at extending it to make it even more interesting to me but that's on my list.
  • e(fx)clipse: JavaFX is pushing the boundaries of the user experience we can provide in a desktop application. Tom Schindl did an awesome job building the tooling and packaging the framework so that using this technology is straightforward. If you are interested in JavaFX, a complete tooling is just one download away.
  • Target Platform DSL: Working with target platforms: ie a formalization of your dependencies and supported versions, is a necessary evil when your goal is to build tools broadly compatible with Eclipse. Unfortunately, the default tooling in this area is a pain to use. The frustration pushed Mikaël Barbero to write a small DSL to handle the target platform definition. We're not where we would like to be yet, but it already makes our life way easier. If you are coding Eclipse plugins or RCP applications, you should have a look.
  • Arduino Designer: I am a proud father of two children and I look forward to them discovering my world. Mélanie Bats came up with this graphical tooling to design Arduino sketches and upload them easily to the board. A perfect ground to work on small robots with my kids.
  • EcoreTools, Sirius and Acceleo: Obviously I'm biased, but being able to create a tooling for a specific need in a few hours is always a lot of fun. Think about it: I capture a domain model to represent something, and hours later I already have several iterations of my own graphical tooling which I can build and distribute if needed. I have dozens of nice little tools around which I did just for one purpose.

What's your favorite thing to do when you're not working?
I try to enjoy every bit of time I have with my kids, reading, sightseeing, and more importantly building things. It's amazing to witness how they react in front of the technology and how they easily "get it". Deep down, I'm addicted to coding and exploring new areas, I can easily spend nights prototyping some crazy idea or getting a grasp on a technology.

e(fx)clipse 0.9.0

Koneki 1.1.0


RCP Testing Tool



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Braunschweig, Germany

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Mainz, Germany

Eclipse Day Florence 2014
May 23, 2014
Florence, Italy

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