June 2013

Coming Soon... the Kepler Release Train

The annual Eclipse Kepler release train will be available for download next Wednesday, June 26. This time around, the Eclipse Kepler release features 71 different open source projects.

In this issue of the newsletter, you will find articles that highlight key projects from the Kepler Release, including 1) an introduction to Stardust 1.0, a Business Process Management tool and engine, 2) an in-depth article about the Orion web-based IDE and 3) a summary of the top 10 highlights for the Kepler release.

Remember Kepler DemoCamps or Hackathons are happening now! Find out if one of them is hosted near you.

Eclipse Newsletter Editor

Kepler Top 10 Highlights

Ian Bull has been counting down the 10 most "New and Noteworthy" features of each Eclipse release since 2007. This article features his Top 10 for the Kepler release.

The Fundamentals of the Orion Project

This article is a great summary of what Orion is trying to accomplish and how it's different from a standard Eclipse IDE from a technical standpoint. Find out how Orion is put together so that code.anywhere=true; and how the team is progressing towards the high bar.

Stardust 1.0 - A Comprehensive Business Process Management Suite

Stardust provides a complete Business Process Management (BPM) suite of tools and runtimes. It allows you to model business processes in Eclipse, integrate them with your application services and UI components, run them in the Process Engine and access workflow functionality and document management capabilities in the Browser Portal.

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Kepler Projects

UOMo 0.6

Eclipse SCADA




June 24, 2013
Berlin, Germany

Eclipse Day China
June 29, 2013
Beijing, China

Eclipse IT 2013
September 19-20, 2013
Crema, Italy

Eclipse Testing Day 2013
September 25, 2013
Darmstadt, Germany

EclipseCon Europe 2013
October 29-31, 2013
Ludwigsburg, Germany

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