August 2013

Foundation 2.0 - Making it easier to contribute

Over the last six months, the Eclipse Foundation has done a number of things to make it easier for end users and the community to contribute to Eclipse projects. The articles below highlight what has been done to improve the contribution process. Read about Social Coding at Eclipse, the Common Build Initiative (CBI), Contributor License Agreements (CLAs), and EclipseCon Events.

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Embracing Social Coding at Eclipse

The Eclipse Foundation now allows its projects to host their mainline development on third party forges such as GitHub, and (eventually) Bitbucket.

Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure (CBI)

The CBI initiative allows developers to build the Eclipse platform on their own machines. The goal is to focus on a set of tools and technologies that make the builds easy to perform, easy to test, and easy to repeat.

Eclipse Contributor License Agreements Are Live

The Contributor License Agreement (CLA) will allow committers to contribute code patches quickly.

EclipseCon Europe: Community Weaving

EclipseCon events are a great opportunity for the community to share information and network.

Eclipse M2M Initiative Gains Momentum with New Projects, Members and Commercial Adoption

The Eclipse M2M Working Group continues to make significant progress in establishing an open source software ecosystem for Machine-2-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) development.

Markus Knauer

EclipseSource (Innoopract)

What do you do?
Officially, I'm a 'Senior Eclipse Consultant' - that's what my job description says. In reality, my job is split into two parts. The first is the Eclipse open source part; I am project lead of EPP and RAP, and a committer on other Eclipse projects. The second is the consultant part; I help and guide other companies that build their products based on Eclipse technologies.

How long have you been using Eclipse?
More than 10 years. I was fascinated by the Java Development Tools (JDT) from the very beginning and started to use CDT soon after.

Name five plugins you use and recommend:

What's your favorite thing to do when you're not working?
For everyone who knows me, it is obvious... flying small aircrafts.

EMFStore 1.0.0

Review for Eclipse (R4E) 0.20.0

VIATRA2 3.3.0

Eclipse Webinar: Web-based BPM with Stardust
August 22, 2013
Google Hangout

2013 Eclipse PTP User-Developer Workshop
September 13-14, 2013
Schiller Park, IL

Eclipse IT 2013
September 19-20, 2013
Crema, Italy

Eclipse Testing Day 2013
September 25, 2013
Darmstadt, Germany

EclipseCon Europe 2013
October 29-31, 2013
Ludwigsburg, Germany

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