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e4 Rover - How to Play -

Your mission is to drive the e4-Rover robot through a series of tasks to explore the Martian landscape. Each task will ask you to drive the e4-Rover to a rock and present an e4-Rover instrument to the rock. Collect points for each successfully completed task within a 3-minute mission game. The player with the top score during the entire conference wins a grand prize.

Get Started

Make sure you have completed the getting started instructions to download Eclipse e4, download the e4-Rover client, register for a key and start the client before you play. Note: Only EclipseCon 2010 attendees can register to play.

Take the Challenge

  1. Missions: To start a mission, you first need to request control to play by entering your player key in the "Player Key" field. Then press the "Request Control" button to join the player queue (you may have to wait a few seconds). It is your turn when you are the first player in the queue. There will be a short countdown. If your name appears as the player in the "Game" view and you can see the "time remaining" count down, it is your turn to control the robot. The buttons for making the robot move will become enabled. A mission lasts three minutes.
  2. Tasks: When your missions starts you will be presented with the first task. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible. To score, the robot needs to present the correct "instrument" at the right "rock". Instruments are at the front and back of the robot. Rocks are the little boxes at the edge of the arena, with names taken from rocks that have been found and named as part of the Mars Rovers' missions. The "Game" view shows the next objective, that is, which instrument to present at which rock, and the associated reward. If you present the wrong instrument, or at the wrong rock, you won't score and a new objective will be chosen for you.
  3. Target Rock Target Instrument
    Adirondack - Blue Drill (front) - Red
    Humphrey - Yellow Spectrometer (back) - Yellow
    Mazatzal - Green
    Mimi - Red
  4. Moving the e4-Rover: The default e4-Rover client has 8 buttons to allow you to move the e4-Rover through the tasks. A camera provides an image of the e4-Rover so you can actually play the game from any location. However, you will notice there is 2-5 second delay between the image and the robot. If it makes you feel better the latency to Mars can be between 15-20 minutes!
  5. Point System: For each goal, the reward counter begins at 180 and counts down as you play. When a goal is reached, you receive the number of points remaining on the counter. Mistakes cost 10 points on the reward counter. The reward counter resets to 180 after each goal.
  6. Improving the client: Raise your score by making the e4-Rover client more efficient. There are lots of way to improve the client to make it easier and quicker to complete the tasks. We leave it to your imagination.

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