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Get Started with the e4-Rover Client

Download Eclipse e4

Download e4 SDK integration build (the build ID is I20100314-2100)

Download the e4-Rover Client

  1. Download the following zip file and save it locally (without extracting it): Note that we may make a few more tweaks to the client over the next days - we'll make an announcement if we do, so that you can download a new version.
  2. Start the e4 SDK using a new workspace.
  3. Select "File" -> "Import" -> "General" -> "Existing Projects into Workspace" and click "Next".
  4. Select "Archive File" and click on "Browse".
  5. Select the downloaded zip file and click "Open", then "Finish" to import the following projects:
    • com.thoughtworks.xstream
    • org.eclipsecon.e4rover.client
    • org.eclipsecon.e4rover.client.production
    • org.eclipsecon.e4rover.common

Register for a Key

  1. Register for a player key in-person at the Mars arena in the hall outside the Alameda Room. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your key. Add your key to the "Player Key" field in the e4-Rover UI. Make sure there are no preceding or trailing blanks. Note: Only EclipseCon 2010 attendees can register to play.

Start the e4-Rover Client

  1. The project "org.eclipsecon.e4rover.client" contains a file called "e4roverclient.product". Open the file, and click the "Launch Eclipse Application" link in the editor that opens.

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